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the Infinite Monkey speaks: 2012

Random brilliance from across the blogosphere…


on the peak of thirteen ~ yearstricken 

steps toward somewhere ~ jonathanlimes

on resolutions ~ Todd Pack

on decisions ~ Nick Mayo

on good excuses ~ Paul Johnson

on being worth it ~ thesinglecell

one step ~ Taylor

a collage of days ~ genesismeranda

on walking in Chile ~ operarose

on friendship ~ Heather B. Armstrong

on adventure ~ Angela

on writing ~ Francesca Zelnick

a simple rule ~ Wayne

on lost places ~ melissabluefineart

a box of chocolates ~ Mike Is Happy

on boundaries ~ irishsenora

on perception ~ happydancecat

on choosing ~ happysherlock

on the hand you’re dealt ~ thypolar

on kindness ~ Michael

on fragility ~ Vishal Tomar

on fairy tales ~ Ray Basile

all I need ~ Patricia

on gossip ~ 365daysinthegarden

we weave ~ Chrystal Howe

lighten up ~ nyparrot

on isolation ~  David

something bigger ~ Christian Emmett

enough ~  Kate Elizabeth Conner

on faith ~ teacher Tobi

on money management ~ clotildajamcracker

bust a move ~ blogdramedy

disruption ~  Jonathan Martin

on presence ~ Ido Lanuel

on advice ~  Cakes and Shakes

on purpose ~ Clay Morgan

on truth ~ K C Leighton

on the see saw ~ Nicole Smeltzer

on grace ~ Bekka

the stories I tell myself ~ KJ

say something ~ Francesca Zelnick

on self portraits ~ Cristian Mihai

on authenticity~ Kristen Lamb

the world unfolds ~ bottledworder

on acceptance ~ Larry Carter

on barriers ~ Trina Bartlett

on exchanges ~ Matt Chambers

not over ~ Amy Severson



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