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Friendship Expert Cherie Burbach

moving the podcast – interview from February 4, 2014


Episode 24. Cherie talks about how modern technology effects friendship, the questions she’s asked most often, and why it is sometimes hard to open up and be vulnerable within our friendships. We also discuss why communication is so very important to all of our relationships.

Cherie Icon

“You can have a lot of different friends that are on a surface level, but if you don’t have somebody in your life who understands you for who you really are, that’s when those sad lonely feelings start creeping in.”

3:25 ~ Has technology changed friendship?
8:30 ~ common questions Cherie is asked
12:00 ~ honesty and vulnerability
16:45~ the stigma of “lonely”
22:35 ~ ways we harm our friendships
28:50 ~ how to strengthen our friendships

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Life Coach Lamisha Serf

moving the podcast – interview from January 7, 2014


Episode 21. Lamisha talks to me about her journey to becoming a Life Coach, the ways we get in our own way when we’re pursuing our dream, and figuring out what our gifts are. And whatever your dream is, it’s possible to achieve it!

Lamisha Icon

“When you take that teeny tiny step of faith…then you find a spark of inspiration that leads you to the next step. It really seems like magic, and it feels like magic when it happens that way, but it is so much fun. It makes the journey to wherever you’re going just incredible.”

0:00 ~  the professional advantage
3:50 ~ What is a Life Coach?
5:50 ~ Lamisha’s journey
12:35 ~ getting out of our own way
15:30 ~ the fear factor
17:40 ~ What if you don’t know your dream?
20:05 ~ How does life coaching work?
25:50 ~ small steps and goal setting for 2014
32:35 ~ It’s possible!!

Connect with Lamisha:
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JR. Forasteros: Tattooed Pastor

moving the podcast – interview from November 13, 2013


Episode 20. JR. Forasteros is back! Listen in as he tells me all about his tattoos and the deep religious significance that each one holds for him. We also talk about body art as an extension of self and what the Bible really says about Christians with tattoos.

JR Title 2

“I want to be getting one right now just talking about it.”

0:00 ~ welcome back, JR.!
3:45 ~ immediately addicted
8:05 ~ JR.’s tattoos & their religious meaning
14:45~ “he’s the artist, I’m not”
19:05 ~ yeah, it hurts
21:10 ~ Can Christians get tattoos?
30:45 ~ tattoos are an extension of self
35:35 ~ Do you know those are permanent?
39:50 ~ a nice practical buyer’s guide to tattoo

JR. explains what his job as Teaching Pastor entails

I ask JR. why all the “preachers” I grew up with are now called “pastors”

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Matt Lee Anderson’s StoryMen episode
Lars Van Zandt
Iron Tiger Tattoo (Columbia, Missouri)
Tattoos! with Lars Van Zandt (Storymen Interview with JR.’s tattoo artist)

Kim Cox: the Psychology of Clutter and Packrat Solutions

moving the podcast – interview from October 8, 2013


Kim Cox is a professional organizer who specializes in helping people with emotional-attachment issues. Her educational background is in psychology, and I wanted to find out how she uses that training to help people overcome that emotional pull to hold on to their stuff. We talk about how she became a professional organizer, the psychological reasons we become packrats or hoarders, and how she helps people get their lives back under control.

Kim Icon

“It’s my passion to help people get to a place where they know their own system.
It might not look pretty, it may not be the way your family and friends think
you should have it…but it’s what works for you.”

0:00 ~ becoming a professional organizer
4:55 ~ why we hold on to our stuff
10:55 ~ what’s going on in the brain
20:00 ~ using psychology to help packrats
24:20 ~ what it’s like to work with Kim
31:20 ~ “I’ve learned a lot about the brain”

Kim talks about her experience on the tv show Hoarders

Connect with Kim
on Twitter @packratsol
on Facebook PackRat Solutions
by phone or email
LinkedIn profile

Hoarding definition
Hoarders tv show
National Association of Professional Organizers
National Association of Senior Move Managers
American Society of Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama
Institute for Challenging Disorganization

Kim is the Membership Chair of the National Association of Professional Organizers – Greater Manchester, NH Chapter. You can find them on Facebook as well. Kim says their meetings are open to the public, and they share a lot of great information that can be useful to anyone, not just professional organizers!