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JR. Forasteros: Tattooed Pastor

moving the podcast – interview from November 13, 2013


Episode 20. JR. Forasteros is back! Listen in as he tells me all about his tattoos and the deep religious significance that each one holds for him. We also talk about body art as an extension of self and what the Bible really says about Christians with tattoos.

JR Title 2

“I want to be getting one right now just talking about it.”

0:00 ~ welcome back, JR.!
3:45 ~ immediately addicted
8:05 ~ JR.’s tattoos & their religious meaning
14:45~ “he’s the artist, I’m not”
19:05 ~ yeah, it hurts
21:10 ~ Can Christians get tattoos?
30:45 ~ tattoos are an extension of self
35:35 ~ Do you know those are permanent?
39:50 ~ a nice practical buyer’s guide to tattoo

JR. explains what his job as Teaching Pastor entails

I ask JR. why all the “preachers” I grew up with are now called “pastors”

Connect with JR.
on his blog
on Twitter @jrforasteros
on Facebook
check out the start of JR.’s new tattoo on Instagram

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Matt Mikalatos
Matt Lee Anderson
Earthen Vessels
Matt Lee Anderson’s StoryMen episode
Lars Van Zandt
Iron Tiger Tattoo (Columbia, Missouri)
Tattoos! with Lars Van Zandt (Storymen Interview with JR.’s tattoo artist)

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