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My Blog, Myself

My blog is like my mind:

  • It’s a little jumbled
  • It’s a lot inquisitive
  • It’s secretly nosey
  • It’s full of cross references
  • It takes a lot of work to keep it’s thoughts in a straight line
  • It desperately wants to meander
  • It can’t give an answer without thinking of 5 more questions
  • It has difficulty not presenting all of the many options it thinks of
  • It doesn’t have the time  or energy  to explore all the options it thinks of
  • It can be kind of wordy
  • It talks like everyone’s the same as me, even though it knows that we’re all different
  • It talks like I’m the only one who…, even though it knows we’re all much the same
  • It thinks it’s funny, even though many people don’t get it
  • It categorizes and subcategorizes and has a lot of neatly labeled files
  • It can’t remember where it filed anything
  • It’s always asking questions
  • It really wants to know what you think

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