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Pastor, Father, and Really Tall Guy Matt Cannon

moving the podcast – interview from October 30, 2013


Matt has a great blog that you should check out, and I’ve linked some of his posts below to help you get to know him a little better over there. Meanwhile, take a listen as he talks to me about not being “one of those types of pastors”, how his family grew from one to four children in the course of five months, and how he’s so tall he once impaled his head on a coat hook. We also have a great chat about the benefits and challenges of communicating through the written word.

Matt icon

“Yes, He called me to be a pastor, but I’m not just that.”

0:00 ~ not a stereotypical pastor
9:07 ~  a great chat about writing
17:50 ~ 1 to 4 kids in five months
30:50 ~ the hook incident (or: the perils of being 6’7″)
36:25 ~ wife with a gun!

Connect with Matt:
on his website The Seeking Pastor
on Facebook
on Twitter @theMattCannon

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Wonder Woman Jan Moyer

moving the podcast – interview from August 28, 2013


I really enjoyed my chat with Jan, and I think this is as much myself as I’ve been so far (she brought out the super chatty, laughy in me for sure). But she’s more than just a funny lady; she’s really fascinating and enthusiastic about her life and her choice of careers. And that’s a great thing to hear. So take a listen as Jan talks to me about blogging, motherhood, living in Canada and the amazing world of the kindergarten classroom.

Jan Title
“If it can make someone else laugh, it helps me see the humor in the situation…
that’s probably been one of the best things about Twitter and blogging
is just that it helps me see the funny quicker.”

0:00 ~ to tweet, perhaps to blog…
11:15 ~ raising (& writing about) 4 boys under 8
18:15 ~ being a Kindergarten teacher!
26:20 ~ Kids learn that  in Kindergarten?
30:00 ~ technology and the modern classroom
34:55 ~ Oh, Canada

Connect with Jan
on her blog Tough Bananas
on Twitter @moyermama

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Just for fun:

Recovering People Pleaser, Rob Shepherd

moving the podcast – interview from July 31, 2013


Rob Shepherd is one of those names I’ve seen around almost since the moment I started blogging. I’d read many of his posts over those years, but didn’t know very much about him. Then guest Ricky Anderson suggested I talk to Rob, saying what a great guy he was and how he wasn’t afraid of anything.

I found out Rob actually is afraid of some things, after all. We talk about that, the balancing act between husband, father and pastor, and his first book, about fighting his people-pleasing addiction.

"So, when you start to understand how God has created you and really start plugging into the areas that you are gifted, it really starts to give you some confidence to do some of those things that used to be scary to you." ~ Rob

“So when you start to understand how God created you and really start plugging in
to the areas that you are gifted, it really starts to give you some confidence
to do some of those things that used to be scary to you.”


0:00 ~ a sorta southern former military bratBook Cover
6:25 ~ writing random things
10:45 ~ the pastor balancing act
17:25 ~ fear and people pleasing
22:55 ~ facing fear (baby steps & diving in)
28:35 ~ Rob Shepherd, author

Connect with Rob
on his blog
on Twitter @RobShep
on Facebook

Buy the book!

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Mark Bradley, Completely Un-Legitimate Motorcycle Dude

Moving the podcast – interview from July 17, 2013


Mark (aka RidicuRyder) is the first of my blogger friends I’ve ever met in person. His blog is the chronicle of his 10,000 mile cross-country motorcycle trip, but it’s not your average motorcycle blog. In his words, it’s “the anti-motorcycle motorcycle blog.” To begin with, it’s fictionalized. To after with, he writes as a split personality, Ridicu and Ryder. Oh, and the bike has her own perspective as well. (Actually, Kimmie Lou is probably my favorite character.)

We talk about his blog, being bipolar and writing for multiple personalities. It’s all pretty interesting stuff!

Mark Title

0:00 ~ the bipolar biker
11:20 ~ exposing yourself
15:20 ~ fact versus imagination
18:30 ~ Ridicu and Ryder (and Kimmie Lou)
22:00 ~ the actual, real motorcycle trip
26:20 ~ embracing your multiple personalities
29:40 ~ What is reality, really?
35:05 ~ the meaning of life

Connect with Mark
on his blog

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