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Mark Bradley, Completely Un-Legitimate Motorcycle Dude

Moving the podcast – interview from July 17, 2013


Mark (aka RidicuRyder) is the first of my blogger friends I’ve ever met in person. His blog is the chronicle of his 10,000 mile cross-country motorcycle trip, but it’s not your average motorcycle blog. In his words, it’s “the anti-motorcycle motorcycle blog.” To begin with, it’s fictionalized. To after with, he writes as a split personality, Ridicu and Ryder. Oh, and the bike has her own perspective as well. (Actually, Kimmie Lou is probably my favorite character.)

We talk about his blog, being bipolar and writing for multiple personalities. It’s all pretty interesting stuff!

Mark Title

0:00 ~ the bipolar biker
11:20 ~ exposing yourself
15:20 ~ fact versus imagination
18:30 ~ Ridicu and Ryder (and Kimmie Lou)
22:00 ~ the actual, real motorcycle trip
26:20 ~ embracing your multiple personalities
29:40 ~ What is reality, really?
35:05 ~ the meaning of life

Connect with Mark
on his blog

Contraption Attachment Disorder (the beginning)
Ride Along Reader’s Guide

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  1. Michelle,

    That guy sounds crazy! I still think you have a wonderful talent for talking to people, I made it to a few of your earlier posts recently…going back for more. 🙂


    May 12, 2016
    • He’s super crazy! 😉

      I’ve almost got them all moved over now, but I haven’t had time to really listen to any of them again. I kind of miss doing the podcast, but it was so much work – I just can’t muster up the effort or creative energy to get back at it. I hope you’re well! I was thinking the other day how I need to call and say hi, but then you know me, lol.

      May 13, 2016

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