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Amy Severson: on World War Z and real zombie movies

moving the podcast – chat from July 24, 2013


World War Z is the first zombie book I ever read – and I loved it. So good. When the movie came out, I tweeted for someone willing to chat it up with me, and Amy Severson replied. I’d long been plotting how to get her on the podcast, and she literally volunteers! Not only is she funny and awesome and completely zombie knowledgeable, but she knows how to tell a great story herself. Her zombie and robot short stories are just magnificent!

Here we talk about the movie in relation to the book, what we loved, and what we wanted more of. Amy also schools me on what makes a real zombie movie.

Amy Title

“…but one zombie, when you actually get a chance to…look in it’s eyes…
and see it for what it really is…that’s terrifying.”

0:00 ~ Amy Severson, zombie expert
2:45 ~ “I love being scared”
5:30 ~ a zombie movie for people who aren’t into zombies
8:20 ~ a book-sized hole in our hearts
13:20 ~ personal stakes & real zombie movies
20:00 ~ PG-13 zombies
25:00 ~ “inspired” by the book
30:35 ~ tacked-on act 3, or finally getting it right?
36:15 ~ mainstream endings & crappy sequels

Connect with Amy
on her blog
on her Tumbler Hey Girl, Daryl Dixon
on Twitter @AmyDeeinNYC
on Pinterest AmySeverson
on Instagram amycseverson

World War Z
The Conjuring (this trailer scared the crap out of me)
28 Days Later
The Day After Tomorrow
Shawn of the Dead
Max Brooks
original ending explained (

Mark Bradley, Completely Un-Legitimate Motorcycle Dude

Moving the podcast – interview from July 17, 2013


Mark (aka RidicuRyder) is the first of my blogger friends I’ve ever met in person. His blog is the chronicle of his 10,000 mile cross-country motorcycle trip, but it’s not your average motorcycle blog. In his words, it’s “the anti-motorcycle motorcycle blog.” To begin with, it’s fictionalized. To after with, he writes as a split personality, Ridicu and Ryder. Oh, and the bike has her own perspective as well. (Actually, Kimmie Lou is probably my favorite character.)

We talk about his blog, being bipolar and writing for multiple personalities. It’s all pretty interesting stuff!

Mark Title

0:00 ~ the bipolar biker
11:20 ~ exposing yourself
15:20 ~ fact versus imagination
18:30 ~ Ridicu and Ryder (and Kimmie Lou)
22:00 ~ the actual, real motorcycle trip
26:20 ~ embracing your multiple personalities
29:40 ~ What is reality, really?
35:05 ~ the meaning of life

Connect with Mark
on his blog

Contraption Attachment Disorder (the beginning)
Ride Along Reader’s Guide

Star Trek Into Darkness with JR. Forasteros

moving the podcast – from June 5, 2013


I have adored JR. Forasteros practically from the first Storymen video. His laugh is contagious, his enthusiasm is infectious, and wow, I just made him sound like a virus.

But JR. truly is a story man, and that’s something we have in common. Except for the man part. Anyway, we both love stories and characters and really great movies. Like Star Trek Into Darkness!

I was thrilled when JR. agreed to come on the podcast, and it was pure joy to talk about something I love with someone who loves it too. (Bonus points if you can guess how many times we say “right!” to each other.)

JR Title

0:00 ~ Storyman (and trekkie) JR. Forasteros
6:20 ~ reviewing the reboot
12:05 ~ Khaaaannn!
15:35 ~ growing up vs growing old (a Wrath of Khan comparison)
20:25 ~ a non-trekkie viewpoint
22:50 ~ relationships & character stuff
27:25 ~ bras and panties
30:10 ~ boldly going where they’ve never been before?

Connect with JR.
on his blog
on Twitter @jrforasteros
on Facebook

Matt Mikalatos ~
Clay Morgan ~
Monster Squad (pre-Storymen videos) ~ Why We Are Attracted to Monsters
The Pros and Cons of “Star Trek Into Darkness” Mystery Villian (Matt Singer review)
Star Trek Into Darkness (JR.’s review)
Movie Quote Monday – Star Trek Into Darkness (my sort-of review)

Leanne Shirtliffe: Don’t Lick The Minivan (and other things I never thought I’d say to my kids)

moving the podcast – interview from May 22, 2013


Leanne Shirtliffe is a busy woman! And still she took a big chunk of time out of her evening to sit down and talk to me about her new book Don’t Lick The Minivan!

After we figured out how to work the Google Hangout thing, we talked about her writing process, depression and raising twins. And she gives us a special sneak peek at her upcoming projects!

Leanne Square

0:00 ~ “I guess I’m an author” (meet Leanne)Book Cover
8:00 ~ the writing process
18:00 ~ sappy files, depression and found humor
28:00 ~ a husband, twins and lazy parenting
40:00 ~ what’s next for Leanne

Connect with Leanne

on her blog
on Twitter @LShirtliffe
on Facebook 

Buy the book!

Also!! Renee Schuls-Jacobson is giving away a copy of Leanne’s book. Hop over to read her review and find out how to enter!
Hint: tell her something naughty.
You’ll stay to read the other stories, trust me.

Items of Interest:

Writing Lessons: On Characterization, with Leanne Shirtliffe (more about changing how her husband was originally portrayed)
Don’t throw your pee out the window!
(my review of my review of Don’t Lick The Minivan)
Leanne Shirtliffe answers her fan mail (a bit of video cut from our interview)