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Movie Quote Monday – Star Trek Into Darkness

Don’t worry, no major plot spoilers here! Just a little talk about theme. And I do love a movie with multiple themes! Give me my money’s worth, filmmakers!

I definitely got my money’s worth with Into Darkness. So much so that I’m gonna go give them some more of my money and watch it again this week.

As for this viewing, this is the quote that jumped right out at me:

Kirk:  I have no idea what I’m supposed to do. I only know what I can do. The Enterprise and her crew need someone in that chair who knows what he’s doing. That’s not me. That’s you, Spock.

Have you ever not known what to do in a desperate situation? Were you able to let go of control to someone who could handle it better than you?

In a big way, this is a movie about making choices. Choosing who and what to trust, and whether or not you can trust yourself and your own instincts. Choosing between following the rules and doing what you believe to be right. Choosing between what is moral and ethical versus what will fulfill your own desires. With friendships and love, choosing whether to hold on or let go, whether to go your own way or follow the other person.

Another huge theme is relationships. In the first Star Trek, we saw the characters coming together for the first time. Ok, second I guess, since it takes place on an alternate time line. But it was great to watch those personalities mesh or clash as they navigated their way toward becoming a team. With Into Darkness, it was wonderful to see a smooth continuation between the two movies in how these relationships continue to grow and evolve. Specifically Pike and Kirk, Kirk and Spock, Spock and Uhura. But also the relationship between Captain and crew.

In our relationships, we have to make choices all the time of when to lead and when to follow, when to question and when to trust.

By the end of the movie, each relationship has progressed  further, and I’m loving that as an overall series arc. As much as I enjoyed the plotline in Star Trek Into Darkness, I loved witnessing the maturing of the characters and their relationships probably even more. 

Did you see the movie?

What did you think?

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  1. Skipper,

    I have not seen the movie yet, but now I’m really interested.

    Letting go of control for a fresh set of hands or a quicker set of eyes happens in fluid environments, maybe you or a colleague are stuck and a new perspective / participant can advance the situation. Certain work takes many hands.

    Control is a mirage…….great while everything is going decently, humbling when you discover the threads holding it together are mainly the efforts of those “presenting” you with control.

    Don’t worry, I’m not launching a new nickname for you……just wondered how you handle the Captain’s chair……I trust you 🙂


    May 20, 2013
    • I really loved it, but then I was prepared to either be wildly disappointed or wildly happy with it.

      I agree about certain environments – I would think your work would be that way, with other people’s health riding on the staff’s ability to work well together and put heads together to find solutions. Not to mention comfortably passing decision-making powers from hand to hand, if it’s a hospital environment especially. Although I’m sure there are big heads in every profession. Some people are just gonna think they know everything and that everyone else’s opinions and experience are beneath them.

      That’s some of the growth I saw in Kirk. Being Captain isn’t just about other people following your orders. I think that’s a great lesson for anyone to learn. I’ve had to learn it before myself.

      I’m glad you trust me in the Captain’s chair. It’s not altogether warranted, but I’ll try not to get us killed. =)

      May 21, 2013
  2. I have not seen the movie yet either, but i know I will. Your assessment is so thoughtful–i love the characters, so knowing they will be growing and maturing effectively in this movie sounds great. Thanks!

    May 22, 2013
    • Yeah, my only “negative” – but not even really – is that each of the main crew wasn’t focused on as much individually. It seemed like they got that attention in the first movie, but I know it only felt that way because we were meeting them for the first time.

      But the movie would be 4 hours long if they majorly developed all those people.

      What excites me about a little development for each one is where the franchise can still go. Who the characters are and the relationships between them are series over-arc themes that I’m excited to see play out over the long term.

      May 22, 2013

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