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Movie Quote Monday – The Amateurs

I don’t know about you, but I’ve felt like this plenty of times.  Except the porno part.

Andy Sargentee:  I don’t do, okay?  I try.  And I’m trying to make a porno, because it’s something I think I might be able to do, because it’s killing me I haven’t done anything.  You know, people who do, they have extra time; not us trying people.  We’re busy trying all the time – nothing takes up more time than trying!

This is one of my favorite movie quotes, from The Amateurs, one of my favorite movies.  Okay, yes, I have a lot of favorite movies…but this one is pretty awesome.

The Amateurs is the story of Andy Sargentee.  Andy’s an idea man, and when he gets a great idea, friends and neighbors from his small town all jump on board.  The problem with that is when everyone’s selling vitamins, well, there’s no one left to buy vitamins.  

The movie opens at the local gathering spot, where Andy is musing (“Think, Andy.  Think!!!”) over what to do about his lack of personal success.  His ex-wife has remarried a wealthy man, and a recent visit with his son has reminded Andy of all that he can’t provide.  And so now he finds himself, “more unaccepting than even usual.”

With past failures in mind, his friends’ response is to stop him.  “Friends don’t let friends think.  We should do something.”  But you can’t stop an idea man, and Andy does come up with a big one: “We’re gonna make a porno film!”

According to Andy, “This is so right for us…We’re gonna be the first town to band together to make the first full-length feature amateur adult film.  So, two firsts for us!”

What could go wrong?


Andy is played by Jeff Bridges, and it’s just the kind of role he was meant for.  Though it’s told from Andy’s point of view, it’s truly an ensemble film.  Some of my favorites are here, like Joe Pantoliano, Tim Blake Nelson, Patrick Fugit, and the incomparable, I love him, William Fichtner.  I’ve never been a huge Ted Danson fan, but he is wonderful and very funny in this.

I love a movie about community and friendship.  And I really love quirky and odd characters.  Who are underdogs.  (spoiler alert!)  Who have a happy ending.  If you like those things, and to laugh, you should check out this movie.  It’s about a porno, so there is some bad language and references that aren’t for everyone.  But it still manages to be touching, and you care about what happens to these characters.  Porno and all.


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  1. This strikes a chord for sure! Can’t write now, I’m busy trying……

    October 3, 2011
    • Haha! That’s brilliant!

      I feel like that often, just struggling along, trying to find my niche. I’m so glad I found blogging! It has helped me find a groove that I was looking for, and (like you just said on yours) it provides a great net. It’s like a support group in cyberspace.

      October 3, 2011

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