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Extrovert or Introvert?

I found this on Pinterest, pinned from Amanda Patterson’s blog and I just had to share it!

If you’ve been here long enough, you know I fall into the Introvert category.

Introverts vs Extroverts

So which one of these is you?

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  1. Introvert = me. To a T. I love being an introvert. 🙂

    April 1, 2013
    • I can’t imagine being an extrovert. Many people think I am because I like to laugh and cut up. But they don’t realize it’s when I’m with people I know and when I’m feeling really super comfortable. But I desperately need my down time. Without some quiet I get a little crazy.

      April 1, 2013
  2. Ummm… I think this might be a little biased. 🙂 Haha

    April 1, 2013
    • Both sides will probably think so, lol. It’s funny though 🙂

      April 1, 2013
  3. Introvert. And just like you because I am friendly with a decent sense of humor with a select group of folks, many assume I am an extrovert.

    April 1, 2013
    • It’s funny how that is, isn’t it? I guess they don’t see us outside of our comfort zone as much.

      Seems like a lot of us so far are more introverted than extroverted. Maybe that one about the internet is not so far off, lol!

      April 6, 2013
  4. Ditto. Most people think I’m an extrovert, but I’m not. I just want to curl up with my book!

    April 1, 2013
    • This made me think of your post where Michael said, “this is the real you,” and you were wondering kind of “what is the real me?” I think we are all so many different things, and different parts of our personality come out at different times. But I still wish I could get access to my extrovert, confident self whenever I felt like it – rather than whenever she feels like it. If that makes any sense.

      April 6, 2013
  5. I satisfy many definitions of the introvert category, but also satisfy a few of the extrovert ones. 😛

    April 2, 2013
    • I’m like that sort of too. A very few of the extrovert ones, though. And the older I get, the more I get comfortable in the introvert category, haha.

      Another interesting thing is I am a big extrovert at work. Maybe because I’ve been in customer service/sales for so very long. I feel comfortable in that role at work – I guess I feel comfortable that my extrovert self will be accepted there. But in my personal life, I’m much more guarded. And I need that time to be more quiet, again maybe because my work life requires so much people contact and talking.

      April 6, 2013
  6. I am an introvert for sure. But I can be extroverted…just not naturally or for long periods of time.

    April 2, 2013
    • That’s interesting – that you can be an extrovert, but not naturally. I have a hard time forcing myself to put myself out there. I end up saying really stupid things when I try too hard, haha.

      April 6, 2013
  7. jessx4 #

    Oh,dear, I’m mostly introvert with occasional blurps of extrovert. I’m not a reader. I always wanted to be, but it has never happened. There is a time and a place for most of these. I totally love silence and being alone,but usually I get anxious that I’m missing something and wish I had a group or someone to go gallivanting around with. I can go to a get -together and comfortably not say a word or I can easily be the life of the party. I’ll gladly sing in front of hundreds of people,but don’t ask me to sing for just you- I simply cannot! Maybe my idea of introvert and extrovert are warped since I, a single mom of 4, think showering and potty times are best alone. I don’t know…:-)

    April 3, 2013
    • Haha – I was just thinking today that moms never get to potty alone because of their little kids, and I never do because of my dog and cat. 🙂

      I love that you can be all those things and feel pretty comfortable in all of it. I can be the life of the party or quiet and listening/observing when I feel very safe and with friends and family. But when I am out of my element, with mostly strangers, I am a wreck of discomfort. I envy you!! But I think you hit it on the head: “there is a time and a place for most of these.”

      April 6, 2013
  8. I guess I shift from both worlds as necessary. Being a service plumber I meet people (most new some regulars) all the time. I can talk it up, it’s my world, and I’ll tell you about it. Yet when in a group of people I know, I can go either way, join in the fun and discussions or stand back not be a part of it, waiting to get away. Yet home, even with my large family, can be my hideaway, leave me alone or if I have a book to read and I’m good.
    @jessx4 being a plumber I have seen some shower “rooms” that would be fun with others! 😉

    April 6, 2013
    • Haha, naughty! It seems like a lot of people are kind of borderline. Or at least we allow different parts of ourselves to come out depending on our comfort level. I definitely know what you mean about being comfortable “in your world” and I think that makes a big difference in how at least I act. Working with the public in an area where I feel knowledgeable and in charge brings out my confidence. Being in a random group of strangers (like at a party) makes me feel quite differently and I’m way less confident.

      April 7, 2013

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