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the Infinite Monkey speaks: how many judgements

Random brilliance from across the blogosphere…


You can’t imagine someone else’s life enough, or really feel what it is like to walk in their shoes for a day, to make that (hair-trigger) judgement.

I used to be that person. Making split second judgements and not caring if they were correct or not. Many times the judgement actually made me feel good, I would say on average 25 minutes afterwards. Therefore you do the math, how many judgements to make it a good day?

 – Opinionated Man


A Day of Blogging

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  1. Thanks!

    March 31, 2013
    • My pleasure! I loved what you said; it really made me think.

      April 6, 2013
      • I am glad it affected you ib some way. That is why we write!

        April 6, 2013
        • I’m glad you said that! When people ask me what my blog is about, I don’t know what to say, because it’s all over the place really. I need to just say, “It’s about me trying to be a better me.” I’m growing myself. And the reason we share is that maybe what we are going through and working on can help someone else a little bit too. I started these Infinite Monkey posts because there is so much out there that lights a spark in me and I want to spread those words a tiny bit further. “That’s why we write!” 😀

          April 6, 2013

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