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moving the podcast

Since I’m not actively doing the podcast, it makes no sense to keep paying for the site. So I’m moving all the posts over here and deleting the podcast standalone site. I can’t remember if I ever posted this here or not, but this was my first “official” podcast chat.


Amanda flies to Mars with sister; parents never suspect

This is a little interview I did with my 5-year-old niece, just for fun. We talk about her boyfriends (“he’s not my boyfriend”), her siblings, trips to Mars and her talent for turning flowers into wood. Oh, and farts.

Square Amanda cover

The end of a podcast.

Okay, the end of the first year of a podcast. I just wanted to see if you were paying attention. 🙂

So, I’ve been pretty much a blog slacker this year. Ever since I started my show, I’ve put at least 80% of my (limited supply of) creative energy into that project. I had planned on taking December off, because I was getting a little bit of podcast burnout, and I missed my blog!! But then I hurt my back and that pretty much knocked my November and December completely out. I didn’t get much of nothin’ done! (PS, my house is a wreck, in case you were wondering what to get me for Christmas.)

Anyway, I am feeling more rested – and restless to get back to work. I’ve got four interviews recorded already and I can’t wait to share them! I’m super looking forward to my second year of podcasting. And with a better handle on what to expect on that end, I should be able to get back over here on a more regular basis. Cause I miss you guys!!

In the meantime, here’s the recap of the second half of my first year in podcasting. I was so, so lucky to get to talk to all these great people. Best part of podcasting!!

Jamie Golden: finding forever families
Jamie talks to me about kids who need forever families, what happens when they age out of the system, myths and misconceptions about foster care and adoption, and how anyone can be an advocate.

Kim Cox: the Psychology of Clutter and Packrat Solutions
Kim is a professional organizer specializing in emotional-attachment issues. We talk about the psychological reasons we become packrats or hoarders, and how she helps people get their lives back under control.

The Mean Mommy Club: Friends and other Zombies
Mean Mommy Bex and Mean Mommy Suzy sat down with me to talk about their group of “sister-wives”, how they went public, and why they are now a non-profit organization. We also talk about the wild success of their annual Zombie Walk!

Pastor, Father, and Really Tall Guy Matt Cannon
Matt talks to me about not being “one of those types of pastors”, how his family grew from one to four children in the course of five months, and how he’s so tall he once impaled his head on a coat hook. We also have a great chat about the benefits and challenges of communicating through the written word.

Jacque Moran (My Mom!): Childhood Stories
I asked my mom what it was like when she was a kid. Among other things, we talked about kids running free all over the neighborhood, unlocked front doors, and how things today are different and the same. Also, how awesome I was and how I never, ever did anything wrong. Ever.

JR. Forasteros: Tattooed Pastor
JR. tells me all about his tattoos and the deep religious significance that each one holds for him. We also talk about body art as an extension of self and what the Bible really says about Christians with tattoos..

So that’s it. Take a listen if anything strikes your fancy, or if you’re looking for an excuse to put off cleaning up all that wrapping paper strewn across your living room floor.

But no matter what, I hope you have a wonderful and merry Christmas! Thanks for hanging out (and hanging in) with me.

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Everything you ever wanted to know about Ricky Anderson

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