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Prelude to a podcast

Title Pan 2

You guys- I’m starting a podcast!

Because I want to, that’s why. Silly.

Actually, when I started this blog, it was called “Let me ask you this…” Because I say that all the time. I am a question asker, and I love to know about people, about their lives, what they think about things…just everything.

If you’ve talked to me here or if I’ve ever left a rambling message commented on your blog, then you know I love to talk. And I’ll talk a subject into the ground if I don’t rein myself in.

Sometimes I desperately want to get out of a conversation with someone but I just can’t stop myself from asking things like, “And then what happened?” And I really do want to know, even if I’m not that interested in what they’re talking about. It’s odd.

Wait…I’m always interested in what YOU have to say. Truly!


I’m calling my podcast “people I almost know” because that covers everybody. Including myself.

The first episode posts two weeks from today; it’s an interview with newly published author Leanne Shirtliffe. In the meantime, I practiced on my 5 year old niece:

(warning for the faint of heart: farts ahead)

I don’t have a theme other than people – I’m pretty much just going to do whatever I want. I figure I’m old enough now to start living like that.

At least in podcast land.

But I hope you’ll enjoy them too.