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Leanne Shirtliffe: Don’t Lick The Minivan (and other things I never thought I’d say to my kids)

moving the podcast – interview from May 22, 2013


Leanne Shirtliffe is a busy woman! And still she took a big chunk of time out of her evening to sit down and talk to me about her new book Don’t Lick The Minivan!

After we figured out how to work the Google Hangout thing, we talked about her writing process, depression and raising twins. And she gives us a special sneak peek at her upcoming projects!

Leanne Square

0:00 ~ “I guess I’m an author” (meet Leanne)Book Cover
8:00 ~ the writing process
18:00 ~ sappy files, depression and found humor
28:00 ~ a husband, twins and lazy parenting
40:00 ~ what’s next for Leanne

Connect with Leanne

on her blog
on Twitter @LShirtliffe
on Facebook 

Buy the book!

Also!! Renee Schuls-Jacobson is giving away a copy of Leanne’s book. Hop over to read her review and find out how to enter!
Hint: tell her something naughty.
You’ll stay to read the other stories, trust me.

Items of Interest:

Writing Lessons: On Characterization, with Leanne Shirtliffe (more about changing how her husband was originally portrayed)
Don’t throw your pee out the window!
(my review of my review of Don’t Lick The Minivan)
Leanne Shirtliffe answers her fan mail (a bit of video cut from our interview)

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