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Magic Man Ricky Anderson

moving the podcast – interview from May 29, 2013


I loved this chat. I was so unprepared, my first question was “Ricky is nice”. But the magical Ricky kept the conversation flowing! We talked about fatherhood, being a blogger vs a writer, his work-in-progress and our fear of failure. And then he did a magic trick.

I’m still trying to figure it out.

Guest Ricky Anderson

0:00 ~ Who is this?
6:30 ~ fatherhood
9:50 ~ “I’m a blogger, not a writer”
14:45 ~ the fear of failure
18:30 ~ Changeup (which I keep calling “The” Changeup)
25:10 ~ computer stuff
28:10 ~ Ricky does magic

Connect with Ricky
on his blog
on Twitter @Arthur2Sheds


Clay Morgan ~
Chad Jones ~
Sherideth Smith ~
Leanne Shirtliffe ~
The Gift (Ricky’s letter to his son)
Changeup (Chapter 1)
Guest Post Swapping, Agent Smith edition (sherideth’s guest post)
What the Dell?

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  1. Ricky Anderson #

    It was sleight of hand.

    April 29, 2016

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