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Magic Man Ricky Anderson

moving the podcast – interview from May 29, 2013


I loved this chat. I was so unprepared, my first question was “Ricky is nice”. But the magical Ricky kept the conversation flowing! We talked about fatherhood, being a blogger vs a writer, his work-in-progress and our fear of failure. And then he did a magic trick.

I’m still trying to figure it out.

Guest Ricky Anderson

0:00 ~ Who is this?
6:30 ~ fatherhood
9:50 ~ “I’m a blogger, not a writer”
14:45 ~ the fear of failure
18:30 ~ Changeup (which I keep calling “The” Changeup)
25:10 ~ computer stuff
28:10 ~ Ricky does magic

Connect with Ricky
on his blog
on Twitter @Arthur2Sheds


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Ode to a Dying Computer

Once again, my computer is broken.

Oh the agony of that moment when we first realize our electronic devices are gone.

My computer coughed and refused to boot up.

I sat and waited and watched. I kept a steady vigil and spoke a prayer or two; there was nothing more I could do.

I took it to the doctor this morning, and unfortunately my computer will not recover without a transplant.

I feel like Marsha Brady when she made two dates for the school dance: “This is the WORST thing that’s ever happened to me!”

And like Marsha, this is clearly not the worst thing that has or ever will happen to me.

And yet…


How awfully I feel it.