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The Vacationers Query Session

moving the podcast – from September 11, 2013


I asked my parents, my aunt, my nephew and his friends a bunch of questions. They were separated into a “grown-ups” group and a kids group when I recorded them, because I wanted to see how the different age groups were alike or similar in their answers. Then I put their answers back to back on the podcast.

Vacationers Label
“Edit that out…edit that out!”

0:00 ~ advice for newborns
9:25 ~ making assumptions based on appearance
16:50 ~ being liked or being respected
23:50 ~ What makes a person beautiful?
35:30 ~ ghosts and aliens
45:55 ~ Would you want to live forever?

Mark Bradley, Completely Un-Legitimate Motorcycle Dude

Moving the podcast – interview from July 17, 2013


Mark (aka RidicuRyder) is the first of my blogger friends I’ve ever met in person. His blog is the chronicle of his 10,000 mile cross-country motorcycle trip, but it’s not your average motorcycle blog. In his words, it’s “the anti-motorcycle motorcycle blog.” To begin with, it’s fictionalized. To after with, he writes as a split personality, Ridicu and Ryder. Oh, and the bike has her own perspective as well. (Actually, Kimmie Lou is probably my favorite character.)

We talk about his blog, being bipolar and writing for multiple personalities. It’s all pretty interesting stuff!

Mark Title

0:00 ~ the bipolar biker
11:20 ~ exposing yourself
15:20 ~ fact versus imagination
18:30 ~ Ridicu and Ryder (and Kimmie Lou)
22:00 ~ the actual, real motorcycle trip
26:20 ~ embracing your multiple personalities
29:40 ~ What is reality, really?
35:05 ~ the meaning of life

Connect with Mark
on his blog

Contraption Attachment Disorder (the beginning)
Ride Along Reader’s Guide

Do You Believe in Destiny: a chat with my Dad

moving the podcast – from July 2, 2013


I do a series on my blog where I ask random questions and post everyone’s answers. It’s been fun, interesting and enlightening. I’ve learned a lot about how we all see the world from our own perspectives, and yet our opinions and beliefs are often surprisingly similar to one another.

I’ve really enjoyed some of the discussions the Queries have brought on, talks that started with a single question and somehow branched out in multiple directions. This is a snippet of one of those conversations I had with my dad when I asked him, “Do you believe in destiny?”

Dad Title

Connect with Tom
he’s written a few guest pieces on steadily skipping stones:

In Daddy’s Day – A Brief Introduction
Uncle Joe and the Nun
Uncle Joe, The Seed, and Subsequent Events
How I found out a Nun wears a Habit

Do you believe in Destiny?

tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow



I’m super good at tomorrow.

I have tons of motivation for making new beginnings; all kinds of ideas and plans and inspirations. 

For tomorrow.

I’m not so good at today.

Today I’m gonna sit here juuust a little bit longer.

Today I’m too tired, too busy, too hungry, too overwhelmed.

Today I don’t have the right shoes on.

Mostly, today I just don’t have the right attitude.

But don’t worry; I’ll adjust my attitude tomorrow.