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Thankful in 2012

Last year, I started a Thankful page and my goal was to list something I was thankful for every day.  Sometimes I did really well with it, and sometimes not so good.  

This year, my goal is to keep a Thankful journal for each week.  I’m moving right along on my Thankfulness journey, and this is the next stage for me.*

*In August, I realized that I wasn’t in the “next stage” of my journey, and my next step was to take a step back.  (You can read about that here.)  It took me a while to get my thoughts together, but I decided to return to writing daily Thankfuls in September.

Here are my Thankful pages for 2012:

Thankful in January 2012

Thankful in February 2012

Thankful in March 2012 

Thankful in April 2012 

Thankful in May 2012

Thankful in June 2012

Thankful in July 2012

Thankful in August 2012

Thankful in September 2012

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