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Thankful in July 2012

July 1 – July 7:

??  I didn’t do a thankful for this week 😦

July 8 – July 14:

Hey, I got another Query out this week!  I’m thankful for that, and to be getting my Query feet back under me.  Also, I’m so mentally gearing up for my vacation.  I really need a little break, and I’m getting anxious for the time to pass until I get it.  So, I’m thankful that Nadia stayed late for me one day this week so I could go home early – thanks, Nadia!  Also, my finger is healing quite well, so that’s another thing I’m thankful for.

July 15 – July 21:

My computer died this week!  I’m so sad, even though I saw it coming.  I’m thankful for two things, though: that my dad had an extra computer to loan me, and that I knew something was wrong, so I had backed up all my files.

This has been a crazy, stressful week at the office!  All I wanted was to be sure I could leave on vacation with all of the shifts covered and all of my work done.  Not as easy as it sounds.  For every fire I put out, there was another one being set.  As soon as I thought I was in the clear and had all of the last-minute holes filled, five minutes later someone else calls with an emergency call-out.  I was lucky to get the payroll done, much less all the gaping holes in coverage filled up.  This has been a hard month for pharmacy coverage!  

Anyway, it all got done finally, and I was officially on vacation at about 6pm on Thursday.  Friday was set aside to move the yard sale boxes to my mom’s and Saturday was the big day.  Except it rained!  I was really looking forward to the sunny day the weather gurus had promised me when we set the date, but it was not to be.  Anyway, I’m thankful to be done with work for a while, to be out of that stress!!  I’m thankful that I don’t have to haul those yard sale boxes back home (it would take me 4 or 5 trips), that my mom is willing to have them stacked in her dining room indefinitely.  And did I mention vacation?  I did?  Well, I’m doubly thankful for vacation!

July 22 – July 28:

Vacation!!  I’m so thankful to be on vacation!  I really needed this rest – and for the first time in years, this will be a get-away vacation that is purely rest.  I loved going on vacation with my sister and her family, but I want to suck as much enjoyment out of those as possible, so I sometimes come back to work more physically tired than when I left.  This year, I am spending my time off at my parent’s river house, and it’s just been delicious.  I go out on the boat to check the crab pots with my dad a couple of times a day, we’ve been out on the Bay, we’ve tried to catch fish, we’ve sat quietly with our electronics, I’ve read and I’ve napped…  It’s just been a relaxing time.  At the end of the week, things picked up with family members coming in to visit, but that was good to.  I’m so thankful that my parents have the river house for themselves, and I’m truly thankful that they want to share it with.

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