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Thankful in June 2012

June 3 – June 9:

I took a few hours vacation on Friday and headed out to the river for the weekend.  It was a very relaxing and stress-free weekend.  I am so thankful for the flexibility in my Thur/Fri job to be able to make that half day happen.  And I’m thankful that my parents enjoy not just my company, but Louis’ too!  I’m thankful that Louis travels well, that I have a car that can make the trip, and that I can afford that extra gas every now and again.  I have a pretty good life.  It may not be all that I want it to be, but I can honestly say that what I don’t have is through every fault of my own.  I have been blessed with family, an adequate income, a comfortable home, a loving and well-behaved dog.  And occasional trips to the river.  What’s not to be thankful for?

June 10 – 16:

My nephew graduated from high school on June 16th – I’m so thankful for him!  I’m thankful that he has a good mind, and a good personality, and most of all a good heart.

June 17 – 23:

It was a kind of stressful end of the week at work!  I got a call on Thursday morning that a pharmacist would not be able to work her shift that night or the next.  Then I got a follow-up call on Friday that she had to miss her 12 hour Saturday shift, as well.  I’m thankful to have this job, and so thankful for an income that allows me to pay my bills, eat, wear clothes and drive places!  But it can be very stressful to get these call outs.  We all know how it feels to have to suddenly shift gears during the work day, and that is to be expected in my line of work, for sure.  But I take it very seriously when I have to find coverage.  If I don’t, then either my boss has to work the shift, or they have to close the pharmacy.  Not good things to have hanging over your head!  I said a lot of little prayers on Thursday and Friday.  I’m so thankful that God answers little prayers!

June 24 – 30:

I got a lot more de-cluttering done this weekend when I had three days off in a row!!  So there are two things to be thankful for right there.  Here are some more:  I caught a newspaper on fire as I was packing things up, when I forgot I had put a tea light on the kitchen counter.  I’m thankful my house didn’t burn to the ground.  Maybe it was unlikely, but smaller things have led to people’s houses being burned to the ground.  Later that same morning, I was trying to cut wax out of a glass when it shattered, and I gouged a chunk of skin out of my finger.  I’m thankful that it wasn’t deep enough to need stitches.  I’m thankful that my dad just happened to be charging a tractor battery on the farm at that time (he’s rarely there, much less on a weekend when he would normally be at the river).  I’m thankful that he drove me to get it wrapped up and to buy Neosporin.  I’m thankful that he understood my feeling shaky, even though it didn’t even bleed that much.  Oh yeah, and I’m thankful that it didn’t bleed that much.  Of course, I was applying mad pressure 🙂

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