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Thankful in April 2012

April 1 – 7:

One of the pharmacists this week had to rush home to be with her mom because she got a call that her mother was probably going to die.  I can’t imagine the torment that drive must have been for her.  To be told your mother may die in the next four hours, when you are more than six hours from getting to her!  Knowing that you may not make it in time.  My heart went out to her, even though my mouth didn’t have the right words.

I am so incredibly thankful that my family is in general good health.  There are morning pills and afternoon pills and pills to take with dinner.  There are creaking knees and achy backs and perhaps an emotional issue from time to time.  But we are mobile and active.  Ok, semi-active.  We have our arms and legs, and they mostly work right.  Our vision and our hearing are only slightly impaired.  In short, we’re in pretty decent shape.  

I am thankful that we are all still here, we can still hug each other, and say, “I love you.”  Not everyone has that.

April 8 – 14:

This week has been bookended with weekends spent with my parents at their new house on “the rivah”.  I’m certainly thankful that they not only let me, but wanted me to come back for the second weekend in a row.  I’m thankful that they have this great new place that they love and it has enough projects to keep them busy and happy.  And as peaceful and restful as the place is, they really do have a lot of projects going.  Also, they’re loving every minute of it.  I’m thankful that they have the financial freedom to be able to afford that for themselves, the house and the projects.  I’m thankful that they are young enough and healthy enough to physically enjoy it.  And I’m thankful that they want to share the happiness with their family.

April 15 –21:

These last weeks, I have been really bad about the two big goals I set for myself, eating healthy and money management.  Even though I haven’t done well, I’m thankful that I am bothered by the fact that I’m not doing well.  I’m thankful that I’m not allowing this temporary failure to get me so down that I give up.  It bothers me enough that I don’t like it, that I want to do something about it.  I’m thankful that I haven’t given up, that it’s not a situation where I just don’t care anymore, where I say, “Forget it, I’ll just let it go!”  So, even though I’ve had a setback, I am thankful that I want to continue forward.

Also, my one year blog anniversary was this week!  I’m so very thankful for this blog, and especially for all the blog friends that I have made!

April 22 – 28:

I went on the Garden Week tour this week.  I am thankful I did it, even though it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting (or hoping for) and it’s probably not something that I would do again.  I’m thankful that I’m following through with a resolution to get out and doing something that either I hadn’t done before, or that I would regularly not do.  I’m thankful that I bought my ticket early and it was too expensive not to use, because I probably would have backed out after driving around for 30 minutes just looking for a parking spot.  I’m thankful that I made that resolution, because it’s good for me to do new things and just get out of the house and do an activity.  In the end, it was worth it.  I’m thankful that I experienced something new, and that I followed through.

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