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Two down and ten to go.

Another month has passed, and I’m slowly making progress on my resolutions.  Okay, on some of my resolutions.

To be perfectly honest, I’m finding it difficult to focus on so many things at once.  I started doing better on healthy eating, and stopped remembering to record my Thankfuls.  It sometimes felt like, to concentrate on one area, there had to be some give in another area.

To be even more honest, there are things on this list that don’t require that much time.  So am I just making excuses for the things that I didn’t accomplish?

Well, no.  I’m glad to say – and believe – that I don’t need to make any excuses. continue reading…

the Infinite Monkey speaks: one step

Random brilliance from across the blogosphere…


It’s weird to think that one random spring day of t-ball tryouts in Florida shaped my whole life.  One step.  One decision was all it took.

– Taylor

One Step

Week In Review – so far, so good

I know you want to hear about how I’ve put mothballs under the hood of my car, or how I was painting yesterday and had a crazy moment where I  thought the walls were mad at me.  But I’m not going to tell you either of those things.  Instead, I’m going to recap how the New Year’s Resolutions are going.

I know you’re excited, but please save all applause until the end. continue reading…

Movie Quote Monday – North To Alaska

I wish that I was as forgiving and accepting as Angel:

Sam:  What I can’t stand is when people look down on others who aren’t doing them any harm.
Angel:  Oh Sam, you cannot change the world.  And it’s…it’s so nice here.  And that’s enough. continue reading…