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Third Month’s The Charm





This is what I had to say last month:

“I don’t have to think about every one of these every moment.  But they are with me nonetheless.  They travel through every day with me; they go where I go.  Things I need to do.  Things I need to do better.  Things I want to change about myself.  Things I don’t want to fail at.”

My resolutions did feel like a burden in February; not a burden I was willing to put down, but a weight to bear nonetheless.  I was unable to give equal focus to 12 different resolutions, and so I felt their individual needs for attention pressing down on me.

I think the heaviest weight was the weight of failure.  Or maybe the fear of failure, that I couldn’t do this. The fear that, since one or two things weren’t going so smoothly, then the whole thing would ultimately blow up in my face.  Because that’s what happens. continue reading…