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Vicki Manuel: on making healthier food choices

moving the podcast – chat from August 13, 2013


Health Coach Vicki Manuel is back! Today we talk about making the switch to healthier eating habits. Vicki covers the importance of reading labels and moving away from man-made ingredients, and explains how some “diet” foods may actually be working against you. She also tells us where you can start if you’re ready to make changes in your own food choices.

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“Find your…own personal way of eating the foods that are beneficial for your body
to be the most amazing machine that it is.”

0:00 ~ none of us are broken
8:00 ~ read the whole label (ingredients!)
12:40 ~ What are GMOs?
17:50 ~ misconceptions about branded “diet” foods
23:45 ~ finding the correct information (do your research)
32:50 ~ Where should someone start?

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