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Coming Full Circle with Larry Carter

moving the podcast – interview from August 6, 2013
One of my favorite interviews!


I’ve often seen Larry in the same cyber places I was visiting, and I was regularly struck by what a nice guy he seemed to be and the good things he had to say. In our interview, Larry talked to me about his blogging missteps, searching for the right church and letting God shape his dreams. We also talked about how we sometimes head out on a search for self or faith or purpose, only to come around full circle, right back to the place we started from. And how, at forty-five, Larry is just now learning who he is.

"What I've realized is that I've got a story, and that's what I'm trying to tell. In bits and pieces, I'm trying to tell a little bit of my story." ~ Larry
“What I’ve realized is that I’ve got a story, and that’s what I’m trying to tell.
In bits and pieces, I’m trying to tell a little bit of my story.”

0:00 ~ meeting in the comment section
6:00 ~ honesty (and vulnerability) in blogging
10:55 ~ the history of Deuceology
16:25 ~ “I’m just now learning who I am.”
20:10 ~ wandering around in a circle
28:20 ~ we’re all in full-time ministry
37:55 ~ Resignation (writing fiction)
41:20 ~ Dunn Holler!

Connect with Larry
on his blog Deuceology
on Twitter @LarryTheDeuce
on Facebook

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