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Thankful in 2014

I’ve added Thankfulness to my goals list (again) this year.

I was seeing the world in a more positive light after I started being Thankful in 2011. It was awesome, I loved it.

But then in 2012 I thought I had it down pat, so I changed from recording daily thankfuls to writing a weekly thankful. I thought I was ready to do less work.

Did you know that if you don’t keep practicing something you’ve just learned to do, then you’ll slowly forget everything you thought you’d already learned and mastered? Well, you will.

So I decided to go back to writing daily thankfuls in September of 2012. And promptly stopped doing any thankfuls at all.

But I really miss them. I miss feeling thankful and being reminded every day of all the good I have in my life. I miss seeing the positive in every situation.

So I’m trying again! I’m thankful I can. 🙂


Here are my Thankful pages for 2014:

Thankful in January 2014

Thankful in February 2014

Thankful in March 2014

Thankful in April 2012

Thankful in May 2014

Thankful in June 2014

Thankful in July 2014

Thankful in August 2014

Thankful in September 2014

Thankful in October 2014

Thankful in November 2014

Thankful in December 2014

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