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Thankful in February 2014

Saturday, 2/1: Well, I didn’t get my one, tiny financial goal done, which was only to write out my budget for the year. But, I’m thankful that I’m not kicking myself too hard about it. It will carry over, no problem. But I did work pretty much all day today on the 80’s posts, and I’ve got a huge chunk of that completed now. Of course, I added more work to it as I went along, because I just couldn’t help myself. But that’s okay, too. I’m thankful that I worked today instead of goofing off. I’m thankful to be at the river this weekend. I’m thankful that my dad tivo’d a bunch of Brain Games and I got to watch them after everyone else went to bed!

Sunday, 2/2: Going home day. I’m always glad to be home! I’m super thankful my house didn’t burn down while I was gone, for one thing. I’m thankful my cat still likes me when I come back. I’m thankful that the snow melted and I can get up my driveway. I’m thankful that I’ve got a job to go to tomorrow, even though I won’t be very excited about getting up when the alarm rings in the morning, haha.

Tuesday, 2/4: Today was a great day. I work afternoon today and I’d set myself a timeline of what I wanted to do, including starting a bible study in the morning and going to the gym before work. Neither of those things are things I usually do, but want to get in the habit of doing. Today I did! I’m thankful that things went like clockwork today. I’m thankful that I started a bible study and went to the gym. I’m thankful I didn’t talk (or just let) myself out of those things. There are so many things that I want to do, but don’t want to do the extra work, or pay the extra attention to get them done. I’m thankful that today was a do day and not a lazy or distracted day. Also, bible study was tonight, which I always enjoy. I’m really thankful for my Tuesday night bible study group!

Wednesday, 2/5: Today I went to the gym for the second day in a row. I’m thankful that I talked myself into it instead of out of it. It was a semi-physical day at work and I wanted to be lazy, but I wasn’t. I’m thankful that I kept a check on my attitude and didn’t let myself get grumpy. I’m thankful that I got shifts covered today. I’m thankful that God answers my prayers and he’s here for me when I call on him for willpower and encouragement.

Wednesday, 2/12: So, wow, I missed an entire week without realizing it! I was thankful each of those days, and I have definitely continued to work on maintaining a thankful attitude. This past week in particular, I was focusing on the Holy Spirit and asking for guidance and patience, and a positive attitude when things weren’t going my way. I did have a few times at work when I felt overwhelmed or impatient or just downright grumpy, and I purposefully turned my thoughts to what I was thankful for. It mostly worked, haha. But each time I do that is another step in the right direction. I will work harder to get on the computer and record my thankfuls each day. Or at least audio record them or write them down on my planner or something. I hate loosing my thankful thoughts – because I did have them each day and thought about what I’d list throughout the day.

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