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Posts tagged ‘Week In Review’

Week in Review – Food Focused

I turned my alarm off and fell back to sleep this morning,
but I didn’t have to be at work until 1:30, so that was okay.
Except, it really is a dilemma for me:
I truly love to sleep late, but when I do,
it cuts into my sit around and do nothing time. continue reading…

Week in Review – Holiday Spirit

I was off today and had intended to run some errands,
but I couldn’t motivate myself to leave the house.
So I did indoor chores, like laundry and dishes and…
well, nothing else.
ūüėČ continue reading…

Week in Review – I am not getting sick!

As usually happens when I rant about something,
I soon do the same thing that I was complaining about.
Today, I edged off the road and into the gravel
– twice –
while fiddling around with this or that,
when I should have been concentrating on driving. continue reading…

Week in Review – Thanks a lot, Non-Driver!

I had to work today, but the morning drive was worth it.
Otherwise, I wouldn’t have gotten out¬†to see this beautiful sky
and the early morning light setting the leaves ablaze
with scarlet and yellow and orange 
and burnt umber.

continue reading…