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Posts tagged ‘Week In Review’

Week In Review – Darn Alarm!

I walked into a room today and a picture immediately fell off a shelf.
Yesterday and today, objects jumped right off of a shelf and broke.
It’s almost enough to make me believe in ghosts or something.
Well…yesterday it was more like I knocked something off of a shelf.
In fact, it was exactly like that.
But, still.  continue reading…

Week In Review – Worn Out

I spent some time after work today with my Aunt, which was a nice treat.
Then in the evening, my cousin took us all to dinner.
I was tired, but it was worth it – a very nice day.  continue reading…

Week In Review – In Which I Mostly Sit

New Year’s Day!
You know what that means…
yes!  Time and a half! 
And we went to see the lights at the Botanical Garden,
so that was great, too.  continue reading…

Week In Review: I Resolve

In the past week, I’ve thought a lot about New Year’s resolutions.  Like thesinglecell, I don’t typically spend end-of-the-year-time reviewing aspects of my life, successes and failures and all that stuff; I pretty much lament about where my life is going (or rather, its lack of direction) all throughout the year.  And I certainly don’t make New Year’s resolutions because: (a) I forget about them almost immediately, or (b) I break them even sooner than that. continue reading…