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Week In Review – Sickness(es)

I knew when I went in to work tonight
that it was going to storm.
And that it would be raining all night.
So I guess that’s why I decided
to leave my umbrella in the car.

After all the rain yesterday,
Today was bright and beautiful.
The perfect day to get out
and go to work for 8 hours.

I went to the doctors today, because
I’ve been sick for 4 weeks, going on 5!
It’s sitting in my chest,
and I don’t like it!

I didn’t start my medicine last night,
because it was late and I would rather
take it in the mornings.
And then I forgot it this morning.
And then I forgot it all day long.

So, I bought World War Z last Friday,
and I’ve watched it or listened to it
every night since then.
Right before bed.
I think it’s a zombie sickness.
But not THE zombie sickness.

Yep, that’s definitely a hole in my shoe.
I can tell because of
the sock poking through it.

So when the medicine bottle says
“take with food”
it really means it.
I didn’t take with food,
and I’ve been sick all day. 


Week In Review – If I went bald, it would be Clay’s fault!

I cooked all day long!

Okay, I took a break from 3 to 4.
Eating right sure is a lot more effort.
But I’ll have ready-made good stuff for a long time!
Wait, how long does good stuff keep? continue reading…

Week In Review – Visiting

I’m in the mountains of waaayyy southwest Virginia,
spending the weekend with my friend Vicki and her husband, Tony.
It’s snowing today (snow!) , so we stayed indoors with a project.
We cleared out and cleaned up and moved furniture
to create a new office space for Vicki’s new business.
It was fun, and it inspired me to do the same at my home.

Driving back home today, I extended my 5 and a half hour drive
by another hour and a half when I immediately got on the wrong exit.
I wasn’t paying a bit of attention to what I was doing!
I just got on 81 at the first ramp I saw.  What an idiot.
But I figured it out as soon as I saw a sign that said,
“Welcome to Tennessee”. continue reading…

Week In Review – Flat tired and chewy wired

I’m tired this morning because I stayed up way too late last night.
First, I went on Wikipedia (I heart you Wikipedia) and read the synopsis
for every single episode 
of The Walking Dead.
You know, because I’m nuts.
Second, I read blogs and watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
in an attempt to wash my brain. continue reading…