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Week In Review – If I went bald, it would be Clay’s fault!

I cooked all day long!

Okay, I took a break from 3 to 4.
Eating right sure is a lot more effort.
But I’ll have ready-made good stuff for a long time!
Wait, how long does good stuff keep?

My sister is moving (farther away 😦 ).
Today I watched the girls while she ran boxes to the new place,
and while I was transcribing notes from my recorder,
Amanda asked, 
“Why is your phone talking?”
She spent the next half hour recording herself, and I spent it recording her.
(I can’t help but post some of it below!)

I didn’t have to be at work until 3 today,
which is nice in it’s way, but also hard.
My muscles were already tired when I got to work,
and that made for a long, long shift.

I finally got a chance (just in time to make the vote)
to check out Clay Morgan’s March Movie Madness 2.
I also wanted to dye my hair before work, so I did that first.
So I’m voting and checking out the cool bracket thingy and all,
when suddenly my head felt a little funny.
Oh, crap!
Whew, just 5 minutes over!  I do not have to go to work bald.

As soon as I shut the door, I thought, “My keys are in the house.”
I had my sweater and lunch in one hand, my purse and drink in the other,
so I draped everything over the porch railings and dug out the spare.
Once inside, I reached up to the hook for my keys, but…no keys.
I looked around, and no keys anywhere.
Maybe I dropped them in my purse last night without thinking.
As I walked outside to dig in my purse again, my eyes fell on the sweater.
And my keys, where I laid them beside it when I “realized” I had no keys.

When I got home, Louis and I took a walk out on the field.
The weather was turning a little chilly, with the softest bit of breeze,
and it was cloudy and grey, but no rain yet.
My dad’s little fruit trees are blooming and the smell was so sweet.
Louis ran and trotted and hopped and sniffed.
I took a picture or two.

Or ninety-three.




Well friends, more loony tunes today.
I thought I was on time for work, until I got there.
It’s just a thing I have with time.
And with numbers and with left and right.
Sometimes I just get mixed up.
Okay, the left and right thing I always get mixed up.


As threatened promised, a few songs from Amanda.  All songs are original, copyrights pending (maybe forever).

The Ti-Go-Go song

The Like a Flower in the Sky song

My favorite, The Everywhere Black song (quite educational – did you know that if you paint walls black, they’re black?)

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  1. My fault eh? Putting on such an entertaining event has risks! Thanks for mentioning March Movie Madness. Every vote counts!

    March 18, 2012
  2. Oh, I love the songs! I love the line “Like a flower in the sky.” Please give said grandchild a hug from me.

    March 19, 2012
    • She’s actually my niece 🙂 . I will see her tomorrow, and she’s supposed to spend the night with me, so I will give her an extra hug for you!

      March 19, 2012

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