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Week In Review – StoryMen Surprises

I woke up from zombie dreams in the middle of the night. Again.
Super vivid, but not gross, dreams (again).
Lots  of action in this one, you guys.
What is up with the zombie dreams all the time?
How many zombie dreams do I have in the course of a week
that I just don’t remember?
I don’t like all those zombies being in there like that,
and me not knowing it unless I wake up. It’s creepy.

Today I got a call from my beloved StoryMen,
who were getting opinions for a new project.
It was a surprise and a delight, but also kinda weird,
like getting a call from Sandra Bullock or someone like that.
You know she’s nice and really just a regular person and all…
but she’s Sandra Bullock!
The StoryMen called me, y’all!
For my opinion!
Actually, I thought they had better sense than that.

Why do you hate me, GPS?

Today I told someone,
“I keep feeling like my armpits stink right now,
but I smelled them and they don’t.”

I totally went to The Golden Corral with my mom today
and ate whatever I wanted,
instead of going to the gym like I’d planned.
And I have no regrets whatsoever.

So today I went to see the movie Gravity.
It was stunning.
A work of visual, audial and emotional art.
Very moving and spiritual.

I saw Gravity again today, but on a bigger screen.
No less amazing the second time.
AND, I listened to the latest StoryMen podcast,
and I got another Storymen surprise when JR
gave my podcast a mention. Sweet!!
If you don’t know who they are yet, that would
also be surprising because I talk about them enough!

Happy Anniversary, StoryMen! (give them a listen!)



Week In Review – Not Your Average Bucket List

I would love to have a whole weekend off soon.

Today I finally got happy about fall.
When I threw a cape over my crappy, worn-out,
mix-matched, around-the-house clothes
so I could go to the grocery store.

Once again I’m reminded that recipes
work out best for me
when I follow them.

I got my furnace fixed today,
and I quickly realized there is a super fine line between
being too cold in the house to want to do anything
and too warm in the house to want to do anything.

Today I got locked in a bathroom, and the first thing
I thought was that now I can say that’s happened to me!
It’s the kind of comedy you see in movies and tv,
but most people in their whole lives will never
get locked in a bathroom

In another tv, movie and YouTube-worthy comedy first,
today I rolled off the back of a treadmill
and found myself on my ass on the floor.
Yes I did.
I dropped my phone on the treadmill, and when
I looked down at it, I just stopped walking…
What a doofus.

Sometimes I make mistakes,
and by sometimes I mean quite often.
And by quite often, I mean all the time.

Any odd things on your real or imaginary bucket list?


Week In Review – Habits

A good thing about working the late shift
is I can take a nap before work.
I did, and it was delicious.

Off today, so I took two naps!
A morning nap and an afternoon nap.
Like a toddler.
Except then I wasn’t sleepy at bedtime,
so I was up half the night.

Oh my gosh,
I am sooooo tired.

Last night I had very detailed,
very vivid, zombie dreams.
Still not too gory though,
because gross.
I only give myself pg-13 zombie dreams.

For weeks it’s felt like I was missing clothes.
Hm, maybe they’re in that bag in the foyer.
The one I dropped there when I came back from the river.
And then never noticed again.
Like it was invisible.

I tried to go to work in my slippers today,
but I only got as far as the porch.
This time.

I’ve watched World War Z almost every day
since I bought it, in part or in full, or
maybe in the background just for noise.
I’ve finally – finally! – switched to something else.
I think.

Do you have any habits that help or hinder you?

Or make you have zombie dreams? 🙂


Week In Review – I caught six fish!

I had an awesome talk this morning with
Jamie Golden about foster care and adoption.
I can’t wait to put it up on the podcast!

I spent the weekend at my parent’s house on the
river, near the Chesapeake Bay, and it was really great.
And I caught SIX fish yesterday. I was excited, because SIX.
Okay, well, they were little 4 to 6 inch bait fish,
but they still count!! SIX, you guys.

So when the recipe says to sauté the onions
before I put them in the crock pot,
I should go ahead and do that.
And even though onions are totally awesome,
twice as many onions as the recipe calls for
is not necessarily twice as awesome.

You know how you see odd things out of the
corner of your eye, but they’re gone when you
turn your head around to get a better look?
Or how things dart by and you just catch them
in your peripheral vision and you can’t figure
out what it was and it’s just really weird and creepy?
I realized today that probably the real reason
I got a cat was so all those things will be real now
and not just me being crazy.

I had another great chat today for the podcast.
Kim Cox talked to me about being a professional
organizer, and the psychology of collecting clutter.
Too bad I couldn’t relate to any of that stuff.
Oh wait, I forgot you guys already know me…

I finished a big cleaning job at work today!
I threw out four carts of trash and removed three
more carts of items that belonged elsewhere.
I love to clean and straighten and organize!
Unless I’m at home.

I woke up this morning to a dream come true!
Yeah, last night I dreamed I was styling my hair in
spikes and when I got up today it was standing on end.