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What I learned at my sister’s house

Louis and I spent a few days at my sister’s house last week while she and her family were on vacation. Ostensibly, I was there to feed the fish and take care of the boy’s two cats.    But they also have cable, which I don’t have, and unlimited internet.  So that’s nice.  And they’re in town, which cuts my commute in half. Not that it’s important, but they also have a pool.  Of course, none of those things effected my decision to stay.  I was simply there to feed the cats.  Oh…and the fish.  I’m just nice like that.

What I found out is that it’s good every now and then to have a change of scenery, to get a fresh perspective.  Sometimes a little change is all you need to clear the cobwebs out of your mind.  And being “in town” was the ignition spark to my growing desire to get out and about, so I did.  Being away from the wreck of my house (okay, it’s messy, maybe not a wreck) gave me some breathing room and recharged my batteries enough to tackle some of the cleaning that I’ve been putting off.  And just being in a different place made my regular work week feel like a mini-vacation.

Here are some other things I learned while at my sister’s house:

  • It’s okay not to have curtains on the windows.  Even though you really wish there were curtains on the windows.
  • You know those black cat cut-outs you see on Halloween?  Cats really do that – tiptoes, arched back, hair standing on end and all.
  • Cats just sleep anywhere.
  • Cats only follow you around when they’re stalking your dog who is following you around because he’s scared of the cat.
  • Fish know when you’re about to feed them.
  • Duct tape really is good for everything.

Louis learned some things, too:
  • Watch your step when you’re in foreign territory, or you might find yourself smack dab in the middle of a thorn patch.
  • Don’t be so nosy.
  • Huge dogs ten times your size should not be teased, even though that fence looks pretty sturdy.
  • Cats in your yard may be afraid of you, but cats in their own yard…not so much.
In the end, I didn’t have their new internet password, so my wi-fi was of no use.  But that’s okay, because I had brought mine with me (old lesson: be prepared).  As for the cable, I did watch a few things, but I mostly just had the music channel playing (light classical and big band – good background music for writing).
And I never did go in the pool.
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