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Name My Kitty

Huh? What’s a euphemism?


Here’s the thing: my cat doesn’t have a name. And I am a really, really bad pet name thinker-upper.

When she was first given to me, we didn’t get along so well. I was super frustrated with her and she seemed less than happy to be with me and Louis.

Left Out

I didn’t like the name she came with, “Baby”. And anyway it wasn’t her real name – some things like that you can just tell are all wrong. So I ended up calling her kitty all the time.

I finally decided that would just be her name. Kitty.

But now…

My Kitty 2

Now I luuurrrv her.

And I just feel wrong calling her kitty. I always knew that was a placeholder, not her real name.


You talkin’ to me, lady? Cause I don’t answer to “hey you”.

My problem is I have no idea what her real name is.

I need help finding it.

Looking Out

I know it’s out there somewhere. If you’d let me out, I could find it for myself.

I’m pretty sure it’s multi-syllable. And it may start with a C. But maybe not.

That’s all I got.

We need your help!

What do you think her name should be?

Ten Things That Make Me Happy

A couple of days ago, Patricia at Today I think… posted a list of ten things that make her happy.  I thought it was a wonderful idea, and it really reminded me of the Thankful lists.  It never hurts to take an opportunity to be thankful…or happy.  With that in mind, I have made my own list of ten. continue reading…

What I learned at my sister’s house

Louis and I spent a few days at my sister’s house last week while she and her family were on vacation. Ostensibly, I was there to feed the fish and take care of the boy’s two cats.    But they also have cable, which I don’t have, and unlimited internet.  So that’s nice.  And they’re in town, which cuts my commute in half. Not that it’s important, but they also have a pool.  Of course, none of those things effected my decision to stay.  I was simply there to feed the cats.  Oh…and the fish.  I’m just nice like that. continue reading…

Wherefore At My Door, Opossum, Oh Possum?

Sometime during the last six months or so, I started going outside with Louis when I let him out at night. I’ve been doing this because:

  1. my parents guilted me into it
  2. my neighbor told me how many times he and his wife have seen bobcats around here
  3. there was recently a snake in my yard (click here to read about that)

I’ve lived here for 13+ years and Louis has lived here for 8+ years.  Nothing’s ever gotten him yet, but that doesn’t mean it can’t ever happen.  For the past year or so, my parents have pretty consistently shared their concerns that an owl is going to swoop down out of the sky, snatch up their little Grand-Doggy and eat him up.  “He’s a little dog.  An owl will grab up a little dog before you know it.” continue reading