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I love editing video and making little movies!  I made this page just for fun, because everybody likes videos.  Right?  Just me?  Well, I’m posting videos here anyway.

Two things first, though:  1. I’m a terrible videographer, so please forgive me that, and 2. the video quality is not that great on these copies, because the original videos are just too large to upload here.  I hope you don’t hold those things against me!

Videos I’ve used in my posts:

from:  Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and Aquarium Video


from:  Crabbing With Dad


Here are a couple of soccer videos I made for my nephews.  In these cases, it was too late for me to re-format them for internet upload.  They’re still fun, but the video quality is pretty bad.

My nephew Logan’s team from a few years ago.


My nephew Peyton’s team from a few years ago


More to come…

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