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The Mean Mommy Club: Friends and other Zombies

moving the podcast – interview from October 16, 2013


Mean Mommy Bex and Mean Mommy Suzy sat down with me to talk about their group of “sister-wives”, how they went public, and why they are now a non-profit organization. We also talk about the wild success of their annual Zombie Walk!

Mean Mommies Icon

“We just can’t keep this funny to ourselves anymore!”


0:00 ~ “we’re not mean to everybody…”Zombie Walk Flier
4:35 ~  becoming a non-profit
8:10 ~ public scrutiny & group dynamics
13:20 ~ charities Mean Mommies support
17:05 ~ the Zombie Walk!
22:45 ~ some amazing costumes
28:15 ~ 2013 expectations

I Didn’t Even Cry At The Zombie Walk (my post about the 2012 event)

Connect with The Mean Mommies:
on the website
on Facebook Mean Mommy Club
on Twitter @fredzombies
Facebook Zombie Walk Page

Hope House

Amy Severson: on World War Z and real zombie movies

moving the podcast – chat from July 24, 2013


World War Z is the first zombie book I ever read – and I loved it. So good. When the movie came out, I tweeted for someone willing to chat it up with me, and Amy Severson replied. I’d long been plotting how to get her on the podcast, and she literally volunteers! Not only is she funny and awesome and completely zombie knowledgeable, but she knows how to tell a great story herself. Her zombie and robot short stories are just magnificent!

Here we talk about the movie in relation to the book, what we loved, and what we wanted more of. Amy also schools me on what makes a real zombie movie.

Amy Title

“…but one zombie, when you actually get a chance to…look in it’s eyes…
and see it for what it really is…that’s terrifying.”

0:00 ~ Amy Severson, zombie expert
2:45 ~ “I love being scared”
5:30 ~ a zombie movie for people who aren’t into zombies
8:20 ~ a book-sized hole in our hearts
13:20 ~ personal stakes & real zombie movies
20:00 ~ PG-13 zombies
25:00 ~ “inspired” by the book
30:35 ~ tacked-on act 3, or finally getting it right?
36:15 ~ mainstream endings & crappy sequels

Connect with Amy
on her blog
on her Tumbler Hey Girl, Daryl Dixon
on Twitter @AmyDeeinNYC
on Pinterest AmySeverson
on Instagram amycseverson

World War Z
The Conjuring (this trailer scared the crap out of me)
28 Days Later
The Day After Tomorrow
Shawn of the Dead
Max Brooks
original ending explained (

3rd Annual Zombie Walk

This past Saturday was the Zombie Walk! I went for the first time last year with my friend Toni and we had a great time. This year Toni’s husband and son joined us too. It seemed even more crowded with zombies than last year, and I’m hoping it brought in a lot of food donations for our area food banks.

The Mean Mommy Club of Fredericksburg originated the Zombie Walk here, and I chatted with a couple of the Mean Mommies beforehand about how they got started and why they decided to do this kind of charity event in the first place. Here’s the interview, if you’d like to take a listen (it’s about 16 minutes):

Here are some pictures:

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It was a lot of fun, and I even got to be a costume contest judge this year, so that was cool too. And I only ran away from one person this year, so that’s a step up. But in my defense, she was really, really creepy.

Items of Interest
I didn’t even cry at the Zombie Walk (the post about last year’s walk)
Fredericksburg Zombie Walk (Facebook page)
The Mean Mommy Club of Fredericksburg


Week In Review – StoryMen Surprises

I woke up from zombie dreams in the middle of the night. Again.
Super vivid, but not gross, dreams (again).
Lots  of action in this one, you guys.
What is up with the zombie dreams all the time?
How many zombie dreams do I have in the course of a week
that I just don’t remember?
I don’t like all those zombies being in there like that,
and me not knowing it unless I wake up. It’s creepy.

Today I got a call from my beloved StoryMen,
who were getting opinions for a new project.
It was a surprise and a delight, but also kinda weird,
like getting a call from Sandra Bullock or someone like that.
You know she’s nice and really just a regular person and all…
but she’s Sandra Bullock!
The StoryMen called me, y’all!
For my opinion!
Actually, I thought they had better sense than that.

Why do you hate me, GPS?

Today I told someone,
“I keep feeling like my armpits stink right now,
but I smelled them and they don’t.”

I totally went to The Golden Corral with my mom today
and ate whatever I wanted,
instead of going to the gym like I’d planned.
And I have no regrets whatsoever.

So today I went to see the movie Gravity.
It was stunning.
A work of visual, audial and emotional art.
Very moving and spiritual.

I saw Gravity again today, but on a bigger screen.
No less amazing the second time.
AND, I listened to the latest StoryMen podcast,
and I got another Storymen surprise when JR
gave my podcast a mention. Sweet!!
If you don’t know who they are yet, that would
also be surprising because I talk about them enough!

Happy Anniversary, StoryMen! (give them a listen!)