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Clay Morgan and the Art of Field Research

moving the podcast – interview from August 20, 2013


I asked Clay to come talk to us about his writing process. Clay talks about the unique challenges of writing book number 2, fully experiencing the adventure of field research (while still taking notes), and how he turns it all into a book worth reading.

Scroll down a little further to see a couple of short videos from our talk last year!

Clay Square

“There are just stories upon stories that are hidden in these trips and these tales,
and it’s going to be very fun when I finally get to tell them all.”

0:00 ~ writing book #2: “Definitely no room to relax.”
8:50 ~ the unique challenges of doing field research
16:45 ~ turning the bits and pieces into a book
26:45 ~ creative momentum (and it’s never finished, just submitted)
29:20 ~ “When you write non-fiction, you’re the character”
33:30 ~ a few teasers (couldn’t you just smack him?)

Here are two Clay Bonuses:
I’ve previously posted the audio from my Undead interviews with Clay. Here is the last piece, where Clay breaks down the chapters from that book.

And here is a little fun bit we did, where I gave Clay a Pop Culture Quiz.

Connect with Clay
on his blog
on Twitter @ClayMorganPA
on Facebook
on YouTube usahistoryguy
on The StoryMen podcast

Buy his first book Undead!

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Don’t Lick The Minivan: an interview with Leanne Shirtliffe

On Tuesday, I gave you a Leanne teaser. Today I’m giving you the rest!

I was lucky enough to be included on Leanne’s book launch team, so I got an advanced copy of Don’t Lick The Minivan. And it was really great!! I can’t wait for my “real” copy to come in the mail.

Then Leanne agreed to be my very first guest on my new podcast. And she was great in that too!!

I had a wonderful time talking to her, and I couldn’t have been more impressed, excited, thrilled and lots of other adjectives.

Basically, Leanne is pretty awesome.

Listen to our interview 🙂

(There’s a link to win a free book at the end, too!)

The Undead Interview, Part Two (with Clay Morgan)

Today I present to you  the last of the Undead Interviews.  Well, interviews I’ve done, anyway.  In this one, Clay Morgan and I dig a little deeper into his book, including talk about pop culture, spirituality and the divinity of Christ. Oh, and zombies.

Fair warning: I overloaded this one with the quotes.  There are just so many great things to pull out of Undead.  Here’s a favorite quote that I didn’t find a space for:

Positive changes begin when we finally start to realize who God actually is rather than many of the misconceptions we carry around.  God and reality come together.  The world begins spinning with the power of that endless revelation.  Earth-shaking stuff.  Then he breathes life into us in a way we have never encountered.  When we move out of the darkness and toward him, the light will hurt our eyes.  It might not be pretty, but there we are.  Alive.  We hear an unfamiliar heartbeat and realize that the pulse isn’t even coming from inside of us.  It’s the heartbeat of God, and we’re hearing it for the first time.       (pg 178)

I love the idea that we can hear God’s heartbeat.  Here’s more from Clay:


So, I’ve had Clay’s voice in my head for a month now, and I’m sure I’ll go through a little Clay withdrawal now that this is all done.  But that’s okay, because soon enough I’ll be back to normal – you know, with only the two voices in my head.

Check out Undead at  Hang out, read a few reviews, watch the book trailer…




Revived and Resuscitated

I was supposed to have part two of Clay Morgan‘s interview ready for posting today, but it just didn’t happen.  That’s what I get for ending part one with “tune in next week; same bat time, same bat channel.”  Holy shucks, Batman!

But I do have something great for you!  

In today’s video, Clay gives us an overview of the six individuals in the New Testament who were brought back from the dead.  Going through them one by one, he shares what he was thinking about each of these cases as he wrote about them in his new book, Undead.



I don’t know about you, but I watch every single extra feature that’s offered on a dvd.  And I listen to the commentary, too.  That’s how this struck me, that it’s interesting to see a little of what the author was thinking and intending.

If you’re interested in reading more about Undead, or purchasing a copy, visit!