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Posts tagged ‘thoughts’

Random Thoughts – on healthy eating

So I’ve been trying to eat healthier, with more vegetables and fruit in my diet.

I’m not much of a fruit person. They all look delicious, and then I don’t like them.

But I found out that I love mashed cauliflower. It’s so yummy.

On the other hand, I thought I really liked carrots a lot.

Turns out I like carrots when they’re smothered in mashed potatoes and gravy.


How are you doing on your goals this year?


Random Thoughts – That’s not weird, right?

There’s this little building near some railroad tracks I cross every day. This place is clearly a residence, but it’s just a plain, white, cinder-block building. Not very house looking at all.

I think it used to be a business. This little spot was apparently a train stop at one time, and there are two abandoned buildings next to the house, and a boarded up depot station across the street.

I want so badly to knock on the door and ask, “Can I look inside your house?”

Is that really so strange?



This is the only angle I have of the little white cinder-block house.

Random Thoughts – on ebooks

Have you ever bought a book on Kindle,

that you already owned in paper form,

because you were too lazy to get up and get it…

or turn the pages…

or deal with a book light?


Don’t judge me.


Random Thoughts – my social fear

My big social fear is ridicule.

As much as I delight in sharing my opinion, I am pretty well ruled by that fear.

Looking foolish, stupid, incorrect.

It keeps me in check a lot of the time.

To reveal the workings of my mind and heart is to make myself vulnerable to ridicule.

Better to keep silent than to expose my tender shoots to the harsh elements of public scrutiny.

Blogging has made me face this fear in a big and very public way.

I still fear being called out, laughed at, or trampled on in some way.

I still super fear scorn, the poison on the tip of ridicule’s blade.

I still don’t let some of the me’s in me come out too much.

Or ever.

But I’m working on that.


Do you have a social fear?