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Is Digital Communication Enough?

I recently read an interesting blog by MaggieCakes.  Social Media and The Art of Storytelling discusses whether storytelling as an art form is being jeopardized by the ever-increasing popularity of social media sites.

A couple of items I plucked out of her blog:

  • “Professional storyteller Anne Rutherford…believes the communications over digital technology, particularly via social media, are causing us to cut back on our in-person interactions, and thus on our chances to tell and listen to stories.”
  • MaggieCakes: “We use social media to connect and to share about our lives.  Really, our posts, tweets, and status updates come together to tell our stories…we’re all writing our autobiographies, whether we know it or not.”

I so agree with Maggie.  Our use of Social Media sites, including photo and video sharing, truly perpetuates storytelling in the most basic of forms – autobiography.  No imagination required.

Maggie’s blog and the resultant comments really got me thinking about a few things, particularly regarding social interactions.  Her discussion revolved around storytelling, but I kept thinking about my own personal relationships.  And I couldn’t stop myself from wondering, “Is in-person necessary, or is digital communication enough?” Continue Reading…