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Cassettes and Karaoke

I am moving soon, so I’m going through all the bits and pieces of life I’ve gathered in the last…well, since childhood. I am a sentimental pack-rat, and though I’ve been systematically decluttering my home for the last few years, I still have a lot, lot, lot of old stuff.

One of the things I’ve brought with me through move after move are masses of old cassette tapes. I’ve already gone through all the store-bought music, tapes we wore out in high school and the ones I’d sing with at the top of my lungs as I rode through the country in college. Today I started working on the make-your-owns, all the mixed tapes, and songs I recorded off the radio when I was a pre-teen, and the albums I transferred to tape way back when cassettes were the next new best thing ever.

I also unearthed, in these stacks of tapes, some of those SuperStar deals, you know, where you’d sing in a little booth and they’d give you a cassette of the recording. Just like live karaoke now, some people were super, duper awesome. And others weren’t. But it was fun to listen no matter which type they played on the loudspeaker.

I’ve always loved to sing. If I could have one single wish for my life, for something I would change about myself, it would be to have a beautiful singing voice. Even if no one else ever heard it. I just feel so much joy when I’m singing. Except that I can’t sing, lol. It’s not quite as joyful a noise, when it’s mostly just noise.

My voice has never been strong, but I could at least carry a tune when I was younger. Mostly. I was always in chorus throughout my school years, and I sang solos and duets in a couple of concerts. I even had a solo in the senior musical. An uncomfortably high-pitched, shaky solo, but I did it, dammit. Overall, though, my voice was best suited for the chorus – where it could blend in!

And then after I stopped singing (and smoked for years), my voice got worse and worse. I pretty much can’t even hit the right notes anymore. Ah, well…what are you gonna do? Keep my voice in the shower, I guess.

In any case, it was fun to hear those old SuperStar cassettes again, probably for the first time since that summer. But kind of painful, too – to my ears! And my pride, lol. I was pretty horrid and could have used a chorus in that booth with me. Unfortunately, there were several cassettes to go through. The amusement park where I worked had an employee party one night that included free recordings. My friend Cybille and I worked the studio for the party, but managed to fit in time to do a few recordings ourselves. Maybe too much time, haha.

But it was super fun, and listening made me remember all those fun times. And remembering was good.

I’m even going to share the fun, if you want to have a laugh yourself:

If you notice in the picture, it says “better”, and believe me that was the better version. And that haircut stuff is from an Eddie Murphy Buckwheat sketch on SNL. Good times, haha.




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  1. Its nice to see you blogging again. I have a pile of cassettes also here and there through out the storage spaces. My dream is to also be able to sing even just a little bit, but I have noticed I sing anyway and don’t care I may be destroying the song and others ears. 🙂

    December 21, 2015
    • I hate that my voice can’t hit the right notes anymore. Although at this point I should just be used to it and sing away anyway, lol. As for all my stuff, I seem to be able to get rid a little more each time. Whatever I “can’t” let go of this time, next time I purge I am usually ready to donate.

      December 21, 2015
  2. Michelle,

    I was smiling ear to ear through the entire song. I don’t see any picture though.

    My singing gets super good on the freeway inside my motorcycle helmet…even better than the shower.


    December 22, 2015
    • I literally laughed out loud when I listened to that tape, it was pretty funny. And I bet helmet acoustics are the best, haha!

      The picture should be at the top of the post – just the cassette and a case.

      December 29, 2015
  3. Moving is the best time to get rid of stuff. My mother said everyone should move every ten years to keep the clutter in check. I am way past the ten year mark and it shows! Hope the move goes smoothly. Good to hear from you.

    December 22, 2015
    • I haven’t moved in 18 years, haha; your mom was right! I THOUGHT I had been purging before, but I found out I could part with much more stuff – rather than move it, lol.

      December 29, 2015
      • I have been here 20 years and definitely need to declutter. Are you moving far or just to a new place? Hope it all goes smoothly.

        December 29, 2015
        • Just 30 miles – from the country back in to town. So not too bad!

          January 1, 2016
          • Still from country to town can seem like you crossed an ocean. Do you still have your furkids? Will they like living in town?

            January 1, 2016
          • I will have to find a new home for my cat I think, because I can’t have her in the new place. And I have no choice in where I’m going due to money.

            January 1, 2016
          • That’s hard but I have been there and done that. Maybe a friend will will take her and you can visit that’s what happened to me. Of course, the cat would ignore me when I visited.

            January 1, 2016
          • That’s what I’m hoping for. I haven’t put much effort into a search – I keep putting it off for obvious reasons. But it has to be a good indoor home. She’s a real sweetie.

            January 1, 2016
          • Let me know what happens. Most important that she stay an indoor girl.

            January 1, 2016

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