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Thankful in August 2011

Monday, 8/1:  It’s Monday, Monday…  wait, I don’t think that song is about Monday.  Anyway, it is August 1st!  What does that mean?  It means I am that much closer to vacation!  Disney!!!  Okay, so it’s at the end of the month, but at least it’s this month.  I am thankful that my sister and brother-in-law invited me on vacation with them.  Plus they’re paying.  Nuff said.

Tuesday, 8/2:  I had a fabulous day today!  We went and had a swim in the river – me, my sister, the girls, Peyton and his friend.  It was so much fun!  I haven’t done that since I was in eleventh grade.  Amanda and I went in the “deep end” and had a blast together.  The boys floated and horsed around and got my camera wet twice.  Oh well :), it still works.  I am thankful to get pictures of the fun, but I’m more thankful that I also put that thing down and participated!  To quote anitalivesherlife, “life is meant to be lived, not passed through.”  (not even through a lens)

Wednesday, 8/3:  I’m glad to have people in my real and cyber life who care enough to comment on a pretty negative post.  And I’m most thankful that they are sincere.

Thursday, 8/4:  On the way home tonight, I had to slow down and then stop to allow a turkey to finish moseying across.  It was a small female and she was taking her time, all right.  But you never get tired of that.  I’ve seen the requisite squirrels and bunnies and dogs and cats on those back country roads.  But I’ve also seen cardinals and geese, plenty of deer, a fox, an eagle, and now a turkey.

Friday, 8/5:  Bible study tonight.  That’s always a good time.  I’m thankful my aunt is feeling better all the time and I’m thankful we’re able to spend time together again.

Saturday, 8/6:  Off today!  I indulged in something I’ve wanted to do for a while: I read all day long!  Started and finished my book, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Sunday, 8/7:  Boy, I did not want to go to work today, but I’m thankful to have my job nonetheless.  But it was a looonng night!   I am glad that I didn’t sleep in too long, so I had some time to myself in the morning.

Monday, 8/8:  Thankful to be in a better mood today!  Work went well, very relaxed but productive.  In other words, I wasn’t stressed completely out by the feeling of too much to do and not enough time to do it in.

Tuesday, 8/9:  Another good day at work – I could get used to this.  I had time to get my job done, not stressed, able to do it the way it should be done, and the day just slipped quickly by.  Wonderful!

Wednesday, 8/10:  Spent the afternoon at my sister’s house – very fun!  We hung out and mostly did nothing, but we did take a swim.  My niece is a regular little fish.  I’m thankful she can swim and I’m always thankful for the time we all get to spend together.

Thursday, 8/11:  Tired tonight!  I”m thankful for my home.  It is something that not everyone has – a place to go, a shelter and a comfort.

Friday, 8/12:  I’m thankful to get three unexpected shifts – for this weekend – covered so quickly.  I’m thankful that I didn’t get stressed about it.  I’m thankful to feel accomplished and happy at the end of my workday.

Saturday, 8/13:  I had a wonderful visit today with my cousins and my aunt – none of whom I get to see very often.  It was a lovely afternoon and evening, spent talking and just enjoying each other’s company.  I’m thankful to have an extended family full of really great people.

Sunday, 8/14:  I actually had an entire weekend off!  Today I cooked a little and played a little and read a little.  And I took a nap.  Not a bad Sunday.

Monday, 8/15:  Back to work – truck day.  I’m thankful that I find truck day to be fun and not tedious.  And I’m thankful that truck days go by so fast!  Busy, busy, busy.

Tuesday, 8/16:  I had a wonderful day at work.  I got to do some merchandising, which I love.  I’m thankful to finally be doing something different at work!  I’m thankful that truck is moving to Wednesday!!

Wednesday, 8/17:  Off today, but not feeling well.  I had plans with Aunt Mart, but I cancelled.  She was nice about it, though.  I spend the afternoon reading quietly instead.

Thursday, 8/18:  Not feeling well again today and had to back out of Bible Study.  I’m thankful that my family cares about me and are nice about me canceling.

Friday, 8/19:  Very busy at work yesterday and today.  I’m thankful that things are coming together at work so I can go on vacation without the pressure of leaving things undone.

Saturday, 8/20:  I worked some extra hours for a co-worker today.  But it didn’t feel like a super-long day, it felt like a good day.  Totally thankful for that, because I was worried that I would be worn out.

Sunday, 8/21:  I don’t like having to close before my day off, but I am thankful that I got to sleep in.

Monday, 8/22:  Off today – such a busy day.  I’m thankful that I got all the work done that I wanted to get done.  And there was some time to relax a bit, too!

Tuesday, 8/23:  Earthquake today!  I’m thankful that there were no major injuries.  And all my friends and family are just fine.

Wednesday, 8/24:  Worked evening shift and got a lot of work done at home first.  I’m thankful that I was motivated to Do Something.

Thursday, 8/25:  Getting close to vacation time!  I’m thankful I was invited!

Friday, 8/26:  All the shifts are covered for the next two weeks.  Payroll is done.  I’m thankful to be able to go on vacation without anything hanging over my head – and without leaving problems for other people to deal with.

Saturday, 8/27:  Safe and sound!  We left on Friday night and it was a good thing.  I’m thankful that we missed the bad weather and that we got to Florida safely.

Sunday, 8/28:  Whew, my legs are tired.  Magical Kingdom this afternoon and tonight.  Lots of walking and very hot.  But I’m thankful to be sharing this experience with my family.  And I’m thankful that I opted out of the morning swim – I needed time to rest up.

Monday, 8/29:  Animal Kingdom!  This one’s my favorite so far…out of two, but still.  Very attractive and visually stimulating park.  Plus animals!!

Tuesday, 8/30:  Hollywood Studios today.  Very interesting, especially the Indiana Jones show and the backlot tour.

Wednesday, 8/31:  Free day.  I took my two little nieces to the pool with Grandma.  It was nice to take it slow and easy today.  Also, I really enjoyed my time with the little girls.  When we were walking from the baby pool to the lazy river, Amanda said, “I’m having a Wonderful day!”  Ok, so I know she has a lot of wonderful days, but I am thankful to have been a part of this wonderful day with her.


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  1. Hope you have fun!

    September 1, 2011

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