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Random Thoughts – on healthy eating

So I’ve been trying to eat healthier, with more vegetables and fruit in my diet.

I’m not much of a fruit person. They all look delicious, and then I don’t like them.

But I found out that I love mashed cauliflower. It’s so yummy.

On the other hand, I thought I really liked carrots a lot.

Turns out I like carrots when they’re smothered in mashed potatoes and gravy.


How are you doing on your goals this year?


Random Thoughts – That’s not weird, right?

There’s this little building near some railroad tracks I cross every day. This place is clearly a residence, but it’s just a plain, white, cinder-block building. Not very house looking at all.

I think it used to be a business. This little spot was apparently a train stop at one time, and there are two abandoned buildings next to the house, and a boarded up depot station across the street.

I want so badly to knock on the door and ask, “Can I look inside your house?”

Is that really so strange?



This is the only angle I have of the little white cinder-block house.

Random Thoughts: Really, lady?

Customer: Do you have any rock salt?

Me: No, I’m sorry; the only thing I have is…

Customer: Just show me what you’ve got!

~ I walk the customer to our product. ~

Me: This is the only thing I have. It works really well, and you don’t have to use very…

Customer: No, I’ve got that!! What I’m looking for is rock salt!


Is it just me?

Am I the crazy one?


Random Thoughts – on the worst thing ever

Paper cuts are the worst!

Am I right or what?