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Movie Quote Monday – Kung Fu Hustle

This is a great movie, but I don’t completely agree with today’s quote.  What do you think?

Landlady (Helen of Troy):  The good cannot coexist with the bad.

In a strictly literal way, maybe she’s right – good guys and bad guys don’t make the best roommates for each other.  But if we’re talking about the concepts of good and evil, I have to disagree.

Can good or evil exist one without the other?  Possibly.  But what fun is there in being an Evil Genius if  the whole world is filled with Evil Geniuses?  How can the Good Guy be The Good Guy, if everyone is just as good?  He’d just be a regular guy.

Generally speaking, the good does coexist with the bad.  That’s how we know which is which.  Earlier in the film, Paris draws the yin yang symbol in the dirt (in a creative manner), and that’s more where my beliefs lie.  I think Good and Evil co-exist in yin yang fashion, opposites that need each other in order to better understand and define themselves, a symbiotic relationship, each pushing the other in a continual circle of movement.

As far as people are concerned, even the best of us have our moments of less than goodness.  I don’t know anyone who is perfectly good, and I don’t really believe it’s possible.  I think that apple was bit a long time ago.


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  1. I don’t agree with that quote at all! Even in concentration camps, which were conceived by evil minds and operated by evil people there were acts of good and kindness.

    November 7, 2011
    • I was thinking about this quote, or rather my feelings about it, when I read your story today about the Scary Christian Motorcycle Man. What put me in mind of this was his supposedly stopping (in such a manner!) for evangelical reasons and then reacting in a really bad way to your rejection.

      I sometimes feel a kind of tug of war inside of myself between the good and the bad. Not evil; I don’t have evil thoughts or tendencies. But sometimes doing what’s right is not as appealing as doing what’s easy – or fun or lazy or profitable or popular, etc. As a Christian, I desire to be good, to follow through on my promises, to help others, to set a positive example, to take the high road, to be non-judgmental and on and on. As a regular ole person, I quite often do the opposite of all those things. And I visualize in that dichotomy the yin yang formation of halves – for myself, not necessarily as a rule for everyone.

      November 7, 2011
      • Poor scary motorcycle guy! He is certainly an illustration for the good and the bad all mixed into one. And he was trying to do the right thing! This is the problem I have as well. I often have very good motives and do things out of a pure heart and find they were the worst thing I could have possibly done.

        November 7, 2011
        • Haha! Sometimes I think we’re twins – earlier, I was about to say “poor motorcycle guy” on your post after your response. It made me feel sorry for him, what you said. He probably is wondering what he’s doing wrong and not understanding.

          November 7, 2011
  2. aptly put- I’m sorry to say I caught myself biting that apple just this weekend! And here I thought I was pure angel…:)

    November 8, 2011
    • Well, I choose to still believe you’re an angel.

      It feels to me like I am getting better, and my bible study has helped me a lot with that. So has blogging. But “getting better” is a far cry from being good. Sometimes it seems like I’ve got a bushel basket of those darn apples sitting at my feet, and I’m just chewing for all I’m worth.

      November 9, 2011

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