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Casey Lewis: The Adventure Year

moving the podcast – interview from January 27, 2015


Episode 37. Casey Lewis and his family have decided to make 2015 an Adventure Year! Today he tells us what that’s all about.

Casey Icon

“I really don’t have a plan, I’m just looking for opportunities to do fun things that I would normally say no to or would normally pass up because other things seem more important.”

0:00 ~ the less adventurous years
7:55 ~ involving the kids
11:10 ~ taking adventure as it comes
15:40 ~ inspiring others
20:15 ~ you can’t SMART goal adventure

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The Wandering Longneckers

moving the podcast – interview from January 20, 2015

Update: the Longneckers have been on the road since late July 2015. They share their life and travels at; if you want to see where they’ve been, start here.


Episode 36. Before 2015 is out, Jonathan and Ashley Longnecker plan to sell their house, pack up their four kids, and travel the US full time in an RV. Today they share with us why they decided to hit the road less traveled.

“More than anything, we just want to give our kids some amazing experiences. …to make sure that they have the opportunity to see other people’s perspectives and hear their stories. And help people.”

0:00 ~ Why not?
6:40 ~ the logistics of changing your lifestyle
11:35 ~ a whole family adventure
16:00 ~ still figuring out the big picture


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No Excuses: Go Nomadic

Pastor, Father, and Really Tall Guy Matt Cannon

moving the podcast – interview from October 30, 2013


Matt has a great blog that you should check out, and I’ve linked some of his posts below to help you get to know him a little better over there. Meanwhile, take a listen as he talks to me about not being “one of those types of pastors”, how his family grew from one to four children in the course of five months, and how he’s so tall he once impaled his head on a coat hook. We also have a great chat about the benefits and challenges of communicating through the written word.

Matt icon

“Yes, He called me to be a pastor, but I’m not just that.”

0:00 ~ not a stereotypical pastor
9:07 ~  a great chat about writing
17:50 ~ 1 to 4 kids in five months
30:50 ~ the hook incident (or: the perils of being 6’7″)
36:25 ~ wife with a gun!

Connect with Matt:
on his website The Seeking Pastor
on Facebook
on Twitter @theMattCannon

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It’s possible, and even likely, that you’ve never heard of the kind of tipping I mean.

This week’s podcast guest has something so important to share! And I want to get that message out to as many people as possible.

Debbie Deming is on the show to talk about furniture tipping over onto little children. She says that in the US this year, about 25,000 children go to the ER and a child will die every 9-11 days due to a tipping accident.

It’s the kind of accident that can happen in any home, to any one’s family. And so many people have never even heard of it before.

When it happened to their granddaughter, Debbie and her husband thought it was a freak accident that had never happened to anyone else. But as they mourned the loss of Amaya, they found other families who had gone through the same tragedy, and they realized that tipping happens all too often.

So they started a foundation, Safe and Sound with Amaya, to spread the word about the dangers of tipping. And along with information, they give out free furniture straps to anyone who needs them.

safe and sound icon photo

You can hear Debbie’s story on the podcast, but whether you listen or not, I just want you to be aware that this is a thing that happens. 

As I said on the show, I climb up on things that I know I have no business attempting. These little kids are just doing the same thing – trying to reach something they want. Only they don’t have the experience to understand that it’s dangerous. Until it’s too late. It’s our responsibility to keep them safe, and tipping deaths are totally preventable.

If you have kids or know anyone who has kids, please look around and see if they are as safe in their home as you think they are. A 25 pound child can pull over a 100 pound dresser just by stepping or pulling up on a single open drawer. That’s a fact that too many parents have learned in the worst possible way.

Free furniture straps are available!! Be safe now, instead of sorry later.

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Listen to the podcast ~ Debbie Deming: on Furniture Tipping
Visit Safe and Sound with Amaya
Contact Debbie for free furniture straps
Consumer Product Safety Commission ~ report on tipping