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Movie Quote Monday – Willow

It’s just two words, but I hear this quote in my head quite often.

(Not like schizophrenia, like inspiration.)

Willow:  Courage, Willow.

Sometimes we just need a few small words of encouragement to keep us going.  And it’s okay if we say them to ourselves; in fact, it’s imperative that we do.

So Courage, Michelle!  Courage, everyone!


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  1. I love one word mantras. When I’m running a marathon and have a huge hill to run up, or towards those last few miles when all I want to do is walk, I say the word “fighter” and it keeps me going. I imagine myself like one of the women in “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” ready to strike a kung fu pose and soar over everyone else to the finish line!

    November 14, 2011
    • You make me want to watch that movie!

      I’ve never really used a mantra for anything before, but then I’m lazy. I think that it would be pretty helpful – isn’t it kind of like a self-hypnosis? You would be focused on the word, so the physical pain and discomfort would start taking a back-seat in your mind. They wouldn’t disappear, but the bulk of your attention would be elsewhere.

      November 16, 2011
      • Not really self-hypnosis, but more like you said, an intense focusing on that one word or phrase. I don’t know why it works during a race, but it really does! And I love “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.” It’s like a Chinese fairy tale, but all the women are badass and can take care of themselves!

        November 16, 2011
        • I bet a part of it is also because of the rhythm – the beat of the strides and the beat of the word. I would think it would help you keep your stride. And there’s something soothing, too, about rhythm, to your body and mind.

          I will definitely have to check out that movie.

          November 16, 2011
  2. Thanks Michelle! I have been wanting to develop the habit of using a mantra to replace my more usual response to the world- blind, wordless panic! Courage….courage…..

    November 16, 2011
    • Haha, I’ve got the wordless panic down pat, myself. I’m not particularly known for my courage, however.

      I just like that character – he is not courageous in general, but he has love. His love enables him to reach inside of himself and pull out what he needs to fight. He doesn’t want to do what’s needed of him, at least in the beginning, but he can’t turn his back on the child. In most of the movie, he’s courageous without even knowing it – he’s just protecting her as a matter of course, it’s instinct. But sometimes we need more – we need to pull that out of ourselves manually. And I’m not even talking about fighting a mighty army or an evil sorceress or trolls :).

      November 16, 2011

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