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Random Thoughts: on mother and child

I spent the weekend with my parents, and it occurred to me that no matter how old I get I’ll always be the kid.

And my mom will always be my mom…

Me: “Hey Momma, is Louis’ bed still in here?”

Me: “Hey Momma, where’s my soda? ”

Me: “Hey Momma, is this my plate in the oven?”

On Friday night, my mom cooked the dinner, and then cleaned everything up by herself, before I was even done eating. But when I put my plate in the dishwasher…

Mom: “Thanks for doing that.”

No, thank you Mommy!


Here are some pictures:

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Everything you ever wanted to know about Ricky Anderson

Or perhaps more accurately, a few things about Ricky Anderson.

My Twitter pal Ricky agreed to chat with me for the new podcast. I was barely prepared, but we managed to fill the time. Continue Reading…

Leanne Shirtliffe answers her fan mail!

You guys! I was so excited to be able to interview Leanne Shirtliffe!

Super excited. You can tell when I laugh my maniacal crazy laugh, which I edited out whenever possible, and the fact that I kept shouting at her. That’s nervous crazy laugh and excited loud talking you’ll be hearing.


Leanne, if you let me interview you for your next book, I almost promise not to be so much like myself.

Anyway, I kept poor Leanne talking for so long, ya’ll, and she was so sweet about not just hanging up on me. She’s cool like that, you know. But since the interview ran longer than I expected, I chopped off this little bit as a kind of teaser.

Here are the questions Leanne’s super fans sent in for me to ask her:


Listen to the full interview on Thursday! Leanne talks about her new book Don’t Lick The Minivan, her writing process, depression, parenting twins and her upcoming project. I crazy laugh and shout all my questions.

Also!! Renee is giving away a copy of Leanne’s book. Definitely hop over to her site to read her review and find out how you can enter the drawing!


PS: Sorry Stacey for mangling your last name by sounding out every. single. syllable. What can I say? I ain’t right.

Thanks to:

Ricky Anderson

Stacey Gustafson

Barb Marshall

JM Randolph

Renee Schuls-Jacobson

the Infinite Monkey speaks: on parenting

Random brilliance from across the blogosphere…


Parenting is exhausting, but at least the kids appreciate the work you do for them. Just kidding. They totally don’t appreciate it.

 – Todd Pack


Happy Birthday, Mr. Rogers (comments)