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5 Ways to Give Your “Resolutions” a Fighting Chance

Today I present you with a guest post by Lamisha Serf!

Lamisha is a Life Coach who blogs at, and she’s also my first guest on season two of the podcast, which premiers tomorrow (listen here). And it’s totally awesome, because Lamisha had great advice and was really inspiring!

Today Lamisha offers us five great suggestions to make our 2014 goal setting more successful. Take it away, Lamisha…

~ ~ ~

Here we are in a bright and shiny New Year and many of us are overflowing with tons of inspiration and motivation for making it the BEST year yet.  We have big plans, amazing dreams, and we have resolved to make them happen in 2014.  We have planned, schemed, and outlined exactly  how to succeed only to find a few weeks into the New Year, things get difficult and our inspiration and “resolutions” fall by the wayside.  Below are 5 ways to give your dreams and “resolutions” a fighting chance.

  1. Set intentions instead of resolutions.  Resolutions often feel so definite and leave little room for error.  We are all human and are bound to have a cookie or skip a workout now and again.  Instead of setting ‘resolutions’, consider setting an intention to eat more veggies or to get to the gym a few times a week.  Simply changing the word you use can make your goal feel less rigid and can greatly improve your chances at succeeding.
  2. Start small.  Setting an intention for the New Year doesn’t have to be a big bold move.  It can be as simple as trying a new veggie each month or to begin a walking regimen.  Too often we think we need to hit the ground running with huge changes and giant leaps.  Remember small steps add up to successful change.
  3. Make it fun.  When goals feel super serious, they can also feel quite restrictive.  I guarantee you are less likely to make lasting change if you hate every single step of the way.  Why not find a way to make it fun?  If you want to get healthy, find a fun exercise class or a group of friends to join you.  Want to write a book?  Join a writing group or class to get your creative juices flowing.
  4. Be kind to yourself.  Remember that lasting change takes time.  You are human and there are bound to be times when you slip up on your intentions, and when you do be gentle with yourself.  Don’t judge or demean yourself if you miss a day at the gym or eat something that is less than healthy.  Simply regroup, refocus, and revisit your intentions and begin again.  You only fail when you quit trying.
  5. Find support.  A lot of times this comes in the form of friends and family members, but it can also come in the form of a coach or other professional.  There is no shame in seeking a bit of help with your intentions.  In fact, people who have accountability partners are more likely to succeed than those who do not.  So find someone you mesh with and who will remind you of #4.  You don’t need a drill sergeant to whip you into shape as much as you need someone to inspire you to keep going.

2014 is going to be an amazing year and this is only the beginning.   Remember to have fun and be kind to yourself as you set your intentions for the New Year.  You were meant to do great things and it all starts with a single step.  Good luck and Happy New Year!


Thank you so much, Lamisha!

I was so taken with Lamisha on the podcast that I booked a free Life Coaching session for myself. I’ll post about that on Thursday; it was really great. So great that I hired her to help me with some goals and improvements I want to make in 2014. She’s still offering free sessions for a little longer, if that’s something you think would be helpful for you:

If you find yourself wondering where to begin or you need a little support creating your easy, peazy plan for 2014, I would love to offer you a free coaching session to chat.  If you are interested in seeing what life coaching can do for you, feel free to contact me at and include a little information about what you want to accomplish this year, and we can get you scheduled for your free 45-minute session.


Lamisha bio shotLamisha Serf is a life coach and dreamer extraordinaire that uses her Masters in Psychology to work with inspired souls who are ready to make their dreams a reality.  With her unique, inspiration-driven coaching philosophy, she helps clients get out of their heads and follow their hearts to the incredible life they are meant to live.  When she is not coaching or writing on her blog at, she can be found with her nose in a good book or her head in the clouds dreaming of her next big adventure.


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Six Month Resolution Review

Most of my focus in June was on getting items cleared out of my house and packed up for the yard sale (July 21st!).  I didn’t put as much concentrated effort into the other resolutions, just a tweak here and there.  I was able to get some blog work done, though, so that feels good.

In reviewing where I am six months into my resolutions, I’ve come to a decision to drop three of them: one because it was accomplished, one that is not entirely necessary, and one that’s too big and vague to effectively take on right now.  I’m making big progress on the house, a little progress with my budget, and breaking even in other areas.

I’d say this first six months has been a really great learning experience for me, if sometimes frustrating.  But there is a reason why there are so many quotes about the usefulness of failure, and how learning from those failures leads you to success.  I feel as though I’ve failed more than I’ve succeeded, but I’m trying to learn about myself in the process.  And I’m trying to teach myself not to be upset about my failures, but to keep in mind that this is a long-term venture.  I am changing habits, and that doesn’t happen overnight.  I’ll be lucky if I get some of these new habits accomplished in a year.  Until then, I’ll just keep plugging along.

Here’s how I did in June.

In which, I tell you that I totally tanked my April resolutions.

‘Nuff said?

No?  Well, double darn.

So, things were going pretty well in March, particularly on the big two: budget and nutrition.  And then… continue reading…

Third Month’s The Charm





This is what I had to say last month:

“I don’t have to think about every one of these every moment.  But they are with me nonetheless.  They travel through every day with me; they go where I go.  Things I need to do.  Things I need to do better.  Things I want to change about myself.  Things I don’t want to fail at.”

My resolutions did feel like a burden in February; not a burden I was willing to put down, but a weight to bear nonetheless.  I was unable to give equal focus to 12 different resolutions, and so I felt their individual needs for attention pressing down on me.

I think the heaviest weight was the weight of failure.  Or maybe the fear of failure, that I couldn’t do this. The fear that, since one or two things weren’t going so smoothly, then the whole thing would ultimately blow up in my face.  Because that’s what happens. continue reading…