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Year of Quotes No. 41

the Infinite Monkey speaks: on purpose

Random brilliance from across the blogosphere…


The universe offers continuity in an ever changing world, stability in an often chaotic existence. No one knows exactly how it all works, but I look into that sky and know that life is not accidental. Those lights across the blackness of night help compel me towards purpose.

 – Clay Morgan


Where to Look If You Want to Find Some Peace

Clay Morgan’s new book is called Undead.  Click the book cover on the sidebar to see what that’s all about!


Weekends at The Rivah

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Remember when I told you that Fredericksburg is about two hours from just about anything you’d want to do?  Well, I’ve already taken you west into the mountains, and this time we’re headed almost exactly two hours east, to the Chesapeake Bay.  Now I don’t like to brag, but the Chesapeake Bay is kind of  a big deal, so pay attention class.

(Technically, this wasn’t a day trip, but I’m not making any more logos.)

I spent the past two very enjoyable weekends at the river.  For as long as I can remember, weekenders have been flocking to “The Rivah” at the first hint of warm weather.  And this time I was one of them. continue reading…

Nothing is simple

Revisiting Old Journals12/12/90

There are no true simplicities in life.  That’s the beauty of it.

And sometimes that’s the kick in the ass.