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Posts tagged ‘house hunting’

Week in Review – Thanks a lot, Non-Driver!

I had to work today, but the morning drive was worth it.
Otherwise, I wouldn’t have gotten out to see this beautiful sky
and the early morning light setting the leaves ablaze
with scarlet and yellow and orange 
and burnt umber.

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Week in Review – One track mind

I pulled into my driveway after work tonight
and caught two deer in my headlights,
hightailing it across the side yard.
If I ever find a house in town,
I’m really going to miss that kind of thing. continue reading…

Week in Review – No Time

At my work, the public restroom

is in our break room.  It’s gross.
Note to stranger:
Please don’t comment on my food
on your way into the bathroom.
PS: I can hear whether you washed
your hands or not. continue reading…