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Happy Thanksgiving (or Thursday)

I was supposed to work my office job on Friday, and I was either going to hang out at my sister’s for a bit today or just take it easy at home.  But I woke up yesterday morning with a strong desire to get my work knocked out early and spend a couple of days at the river with my parents.  I wanted the water, and I wanted to spend a little time with my mom and dad.  So here I am – good decision making on my part, I think!

Sometimes you just need to be with your people.  Sometimes you just need to stuff your face with massive amounts of food.  And sometimes you just need to sleep it all off.  I love a holiday that gives me permission to do all three at the same time!

I want to wish a happy Thanksgiving to all of my American friends and a happy regular Thursday to everyone else.  No matter where you are or how you’re spending the day, I hope it’s been a good one!

And I want you to know how thankful I am for you all!

Some pictures from my morning:

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